What will your podcast look like in 5 years? An alternative look at download stats

I'm taking a break and checking my download stats.

I know, this is dangerous territory for a Friday afternoon. I may never get back to work 🙂

MoneyPlan SOS download stats from 2015-02-20

Back in the day…

When I started podcasting in 2010 there was no launch strategy.

I thought N&N was reserved for paid ads and only the biggest stars.

Getting 100 downloads in my first week was incredible.

Maybe it was for 2010, but now…

FFWD to today

I see incredible success stories from newbie podcasters bursting onto the scene. They share stories of six-figure downloads in the first month. Guys like Chris Cerrone from Cerrone Show: He isn't on a mission like I am – he just wanted to talk to cool people – and he's HUGE!

So I get a bit depressed when looking at 973 downloads of my latest episode released on Wednesday with a super-star guest, Farnoosh Torabi.

I share and promote it through the normal channels of FB, Twitter, email. Farnoosh has even shared it with her 19.3K Tweeps too.

What gives? Why am I not as big as Jeff Brown or Jared Easley?

After all, I started more than 2 years sooner than they did.

Then I look at my total downloads for the month

Remember, I've only received 973 for my latest episode (which I'm TOTALLY grateful for every one of them).

I usually get a max of 2,500 after a couple months.

But get this…

My show, a total of 177 episodes plus some bonus content, has over 10,000 listens this month already.

What do these statistics mean?

It means while I'm not getting huge downloads for new episodes I am getting 100-200 downloads for shows released months ago.

I can choose to look at it in two ways:

A) I keep finding hundreds of new listeners who give one or two episodes a shot – then decide to move on. (I've done that before, haven't you?)
B) A handful of new subscribers are batch-listening to most of my library

Silver lining in the stats

While I could come to the conclusion that my content stinks and I'm not retaining a regular listener base (the 973 downloads in 48 hours), I can also come to the conclusion that I've touched the ears of thousands of people who now know who I am.

That's both bad and good – they've given me a try and might come back in the future when they need me (I inspire everyday Americans to pay attention – not interest).

So I ask: Where will your podcast be in 5 years?

Will you still be reaching a new audience (ie: Possible leads in my world) or talking to the same old people?

A look at my Twitter stream and FB group tells me that I'm doing both – finding new people and engaging with a strong core audience who love the message of my show.

I'm just not doing it with huge download numbers like Pat Flynn.

Keep pressing record.

Keep offering stellar content.

Keep reaching new people while serving your faithful fans and you'll never look at your stats the same way again.


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