What is the difference between iTunes Ratings and Reviews?

Ratings and Reviews in iTunes are not the same.

This causes podcast hosts to believe they have more iTunes Reviews than they actually do.

Jason Hartman of the Creating Wealth Show was under the impression that he had 94 Reviews – but he was looking at his Ratings.

He actually had 59 reviews. OUCH!


There is a big difference between Ratings and Reviews in iTunes

Watch as I show an example in this 2 minute video using Advice From Olympians Podcast:


How to leave a RATING in iTunes

Ratings are left by a listener or subscriber by clicking on Ratings and Reviews – located to the right of the podcast artwork between Details and Related.

5-star rating in itunes

Hover over “Click to rate” and you will see these options:

  • 1 star “I hate it”
  • 2 stars “I don't like it”
  • 3 stars “It's OK”
  • 4 stars “It's good”
  • 5 stars “It's great”

Click on whichever star you want and that is the Rating you will leave for the podcast.

You can always go back and change your Rating by clicking on the star you want.


How to leave a REVIEW in iTunes

Reviews are separate from clicking on a star. Select Ratings and Reviews, then the Write a Review button. In the new window:

how to sort itunes ratings

  • Enter a title for your review
  • Click on a star to rate the show
  • Tell everyone how great you think the show is
  • Click on Submit

It will take a few hours, maybe even a day or two, for your review to be visible in iTunes (now called Apple Podcasts).

You can always go back and edit your review, change your rating, or both – even a year later!


Review 5 podcasts today

Podcasts are very mobile. It's hard to remember to leave a review when you are walking the dog, mowing the yard, or driving (especially driving!)

This is your call to action: Go leave Reviews for five podcasts right now.

Show your appreciation to the podcast host – they need all the encouragement they can get.

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