What is podcasting?

podcast micDo you know what a podcast is?

This questions will not prevent you from creating or releasing a podcast – it is simply something you need to know and understand.

A podcast can be subscribed to in an RSS feed (don't worry about what RSS is right now). A podcast is an ongoing series of recordings released on a regular basis with fresh, new content. A podcast is not a one-time recording: Don't confuse a single video or audio lesson posted to a website as a podcast.

It takes more than a couple recordings to be considered a podcast

A single release of a podcast show is called a “podcast episode”. Podcast episodes are media files that can be listened to by being:

  • Downloaded to a computer
  • Uploaded to a portable device (not just iPods)
  • Streamed on almost any smartphone
  • Because they are media files they can be listened to anytime you want – kind of like on-demand videos. They can be paused, rewound, re-played, and shared.
  • People listen to podcasts while driving to work, jogging, doing yard work, or cooking. Podcasts are convenient, educational, informational, and entertaining.

Podcasts are like newsletters, not flyers

Podcasts are less like flyers and more like newsletters. You could create a flyer and print copies for those who visit your office, mail it to people's homes, hand it out at expos, or make it available for download on your website. However, this does not make your flyer a newsletter. A newsletter is updated on a regular basis with new content. A podcast is more like a newsletter – it is a regularly updated with new content and made available for your target market.

Podcasting is the new media. John Dumas started podcasting Entrepreneur On Fire in September 2012. He has grown his audience quickly and is enjoying every minute of it.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in doing? Yes? Then let's get started!

Podcasting: The New Media
I love podcasting!

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