Weird Hack to Quickly Replace Original Audio in a Destructive DAW

I don't know how to explain this other than showing you in a video.

Audacity is a destructive editor – meaning the changes you make are permanent past a certain point.

For example: You make a change 5 minutes ago, then realize you needed to keep that piece in. You could CTRL-Z / CMND-Z (aka: UNDO) all the previous edits until you reach the part you want to put back, but then you are forced to do all the following edits all over again.

I use iZotope RX6 Standard to get rid of bad breaths and mouth noises. Sometimes it does tooooo good of a job, and reduces consonants when I don't want them to. Well, I have a cool hack that allows me to quickly locate the original audio, then copy/paste it into the current project – ALL WITHIN THE SAME WINDOW.

Watch this video to find out what I mean.

Note: I don't expect you to follow this practice, but my hope is it will get your wheels spinning and make you find alternative solutions to problems in your podcast editing process.

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