UNNECESSARY words in a podcast

unnecessary words used in a podcast more often than they should

Editing the following unnecessary words from podcast recordings can make it easier for your listener to understand your message.

Of course, these words are used to create proper and complete sentences.

But when it gets to be too much then it's helpful to know there's a problem. Knowing is the first step towards improving the way we speak and helps editors improve their client's finished product (if it's part of their arrangement).

The list below is in regards to when they are used unnecessarily:



right like



I would say that…

So that’s how we did that.

umm, uh



I mean


And but

And so

And so, for instance

…and so – yeah.

So yeah, so…

Yeah, no

and (as the first word of a new sentence)

I think that I think…

I think it’s important to think about…

You should always really kinda…
(or any combination of absolutes and “iffy” words)

Host: “Hi [guest name here]. How are you today?”
Guest: “Hi [host name]. I’m great, how are you?”
Then the conversation goes into small talk about the weather or their local baseball or football team’s latest game. 

Host: “Hi [guest name here].”
Guest: “Hi [host name]”.
Host: “We were talking just before we started to record…”

That’s a great question.

What we did was we…


Like I’ve said before,

Review one of your recent recordings. Do you find yourself abusing any of these words?

I do. I begin many sentences with “So, “. What is worse is when I mumble.

It's hard to get rid of crutches and filler words. However, knowing they exist is the first step to improving.

Be aware of the filler word, pause, then move forward with what you meant to say when you begin to feel an unnecessary word coming up.

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