Unboxing: The Heil FIN

Heil FIN unboxing 4

If you've been watching my live streams or video recordings lately, you may have noticed a change in microphones.

I retired the ATR2100-USB and replaced it with a Heil FIN for a few reasons:

Reasons 1: Testing a microphone interface

I needed to test out the Scarlett 2i2 interface sent to me by *Focusrite.

*Focusrite was a sponsor of the very first Podcast Editors Conference held in Orlando on March 6th, 2020.

The ATR2100 can also be used as an XLR microphone, but I wanted to play around with a different mic.

Reasons 2: I took advantage of a deal

Back in 2018, I scheduled the STL Podcasters Meetup group to meet at Heil HQ, which resides just a few miles on the Illinois side of the Gateway Arch.

Michelle Levitt, Marketing and Creative Director at Heil Sound, set up a bunch of mics for us to try. Of course, I wanted a Heil PR-40.

Here's a picture of me in front of a wall of the gold model.

A wall of Heil PR-40 microphones at Heil HQ, Fairview Heights, IL

However, I wasn't ready to spend a few hundred dollars on an emotional purchase.

What I settled on turned out to be just as fantastic!

For about the price of a new ATR2100x, I purchased the Heil FIN from their B-stock.

Items classified as “B-Stock” are items they can't sell to retail because of one reason or another.

Heil FIN unboxing 3

As you can see, this one was brand-new in box and didn't have a scratch on it. I took a chance, and it was totally worth it.

Reasons 3: It's SEXY

C'mon. You can't blame me. This mic is SEXY!

It looks like an old radio-type mic AND IT GLOWS BLUE!

Heil FIN microphone beautiful for live streams

For those who are into sound quality, you can download the specs here and tell me why I made such a huge mistake.

However, there was no question that the sound quality was great.

I had played with four of them when I arranged to have the Podcast Bug record live podcasts at FinCon17.

The Podcast Bug: A 1974 Super Beetle mobile podcast recording studio

The right mic for YOUR needs

I didn't buy the Heil FIN because of sound quality.

After all, I'm not recording podcasts anymore. I only need a microphone for client meetings, live streams, masterminds and webinars.

But who are we kidding here? It sounds great too. It's a HEIL!

PLEASE do not purchase a mic because somebody said so. Buy a mic that fits your needs.

However, if you are looking for a mic that sounds good and LOOKS SEXY when the phantom power is on, then you now know about the Heil FIN.

Tell Michelle I sent ya 😉 https://heilsound.com/products/the-fin

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