Top 10 Podcast Directories to Submit Your Podcast

top 10 podcast directories

Below is my list of the top places you should submit your podcast to gain maximum exposure and find a greater audience.

Submitting your podcast to these directories is free and can help you find a greater audience.

I recommend you at least begin with the first 5 as they are the largest, most popular places people go to consume podcast.

*This list was most recently updated in August 2018

Before you begin to submit a podcast to iTunes and other directories:


  • You must have an RSS feed. (There is no such thing as “upload to iTunes”)
  • Apple really REALLY wants you to call them Apple Podcasts. I'm only leaving the word “iTunes” in this post for the SEO 🙂
  • Even after being accepted, you might not be found in their directory for 1-3 days


submit podcast to iTunes apple podcasts1. Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes)

  • Log into your Apple account via
  • Enter your RSS feed (for example: A libsyn user would submit, replacing the text “yourshowslug” with your libsyn show slug)
  • Click “Validate”
  • Click “Submit”

BONUS! The following directories pull from Apple Podcasts’ API – so there is no action needed on your part: 

Overcast, Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts, Podcast Republic, iCatcher 

Note: Artwork requirements are to provide a square image at least 1400×1400 pixels (but no more than 3000×3000 pixels), and the file size needs to be smaller than 500kbs. Use to compress large files


submit podcast to spotify2. Submit your podcast to Spotify

Note: If you are a libsyn customer (use Promo code FINCON for your first month free), you can submit from inside your account (under Destinations). Many other hosting providers like BluBrry and Simplecast allow you to submit right from inside your account.

If not, then fill out their submission form at

Be prepared with:

  • RSS feed
  • Territory (USA, etc)
  • Language (English, etc)
  • Where you host your files (places like libsyn, Blubrry, Spreaker, Podbean, etc)
  • Primary and up to 3 sub-categories


submit podcast to stitcher3. Submit your podcast to Stitcher

Note: Stitcher has some unique stats, so you might want to visit their Partners Portal every so often.

Also not that any follow up issues go to



submit podcast to tunein radio for amazon echo alexa4. Submit your podcast to TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is often used with the Amazon Echo.

Help Alexa find your podcast:

Be prepared with your RSS feed, logo, a banner image (1024×300 pixels), and categories.

To make updates to your TuneIn listing, go to–H1ax0B7_f


5: Submit a podcast to Pandora

submit podcast to pandora podcastsPandora is the newest kid on the block. If the success of Spotify for podcasting is any indication of how podcasting can grow outside of people using iPhones then this is definitely a place you want to be.

However, the submission through the form below is a PAIN! The good news is, if you are a libsyn user then you can contact to get in the queue. He will make it as easy as creating destinations for Spotify or Google Play Music.

But if you don't host your podcast with libsyn, then:

• Go to
• Get ready to answer a TON of questions, including media host, average episode length, last years' download numbers, sample rate, bitrate, and LUFs (seriously?!?)

Again, if you host with libysn then go through them.


how to submit my podcast to iheart radio6. iHeart Radio

iHeart is known for more than podcasting, but appears to be here to stay.

libsyn users can submit directly from the publishing platform, but have to wait 2 months after launch. *Note: The iHeart submission page does not indicate a waiting period, but there still might be one.

It's that easy!


how to submit my podcast to beyondpod7. BeyondPod

Note: You must have been accepted in Apple Podcasts (aka iTunes) first

It's a weird way to submit a podcast, but the only one I know.


how to submit my podcast to player fm8. Player FM

Player FM has changed their submission process – and it's not easy. I expect they will change it again shortly because the process isn't as straight-forward as it could be (or should be!)


This is the process I followed to give them the OPML version of an RSS feed they require:

At the time of this writing (December 28, 2018), I have no idea if it actually worked or how long it will take for them to add the podcast to their directory.


how to submit my podcast to radio public9. Radio Public

Note: If you are a libsyn customer (use Promo code FINCON for your first month free), you can submit to RadioPublic from inside your account (under Destinations). Even if you are already listed, you can take advantage of the Gateway feature by setting up the destination in your libsyn dashboard.

If you're not a libsyn user then:

Search on their free IOS or Andriod app to see if you are listed, or search via a web browser at


10: Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts button badge 2018I'm cheating with #10 because you don't actually submit your podcast to Google Podcasts.

Nobody should be surprised that Google crawls your website and indexes the information. If you have an RSS feed in the head section of your website then it'll add your podcast to the directory.

Here is a lengthy – but helpful article about all things Google Podcasts:

Another great resource is in this post by Ray Ortega:



Please be patient as some of these directories take time to respond.

Some don't respond at all.

I have found it best to create a list where all my clients have their shows listed. You may want to create a spreadsheet with the destination and time you submitted, then search their directory a few days later to see if you've been added.

If you want help getting your podcast submitted to the Top 10 Podcast Directories, hire me to help you launch.

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