The Importance of the Author Tag

bulk add author tag in libsyn

How to add Host and Guest's names to improve search

TLDR: Watch the video at the bottom of this post

To further expose the importance of using the Apple Tags that complete your RSS feed and improve search, libsyn added the Author field to their Bulk Editor.

Normally, the AUTHOR tag in libsyn can be filled out while uploading a new episode under Details > Apple Podcasts Optimization. This can include the host(s) and guest(s) names.

Now you can go back and enter them fairly quickly for all your published episodes: Content > Apple Podcasts Tag Bulk Editor > Author.

If you host your RSS feed from a WordPress website, which many do by using the PowerPress plugin, you can add the Author tag in the PowerPress widget in each post.

*Note: For PowerPress, make sure the option is selected under PowerPress > Settings > Episodes tab, then check the box for iTunes Author Field.

Why would you do this?

Apple indexes the Author tag for search!

Also, there is a service called Podchaser that could become the IMDB for podcasting. They show what podcast(s) a specific person/guest has been on.

Since Podcaser is also available on the web, guest bios could help people find your podcast in Google searches! I'm betting Google and other directories will also use the Author tag in search results.

This video shows:

  1. Where you should be entering the Host(s) and Guest(s) names
  2. How to quickly add them to older episodes
  3. Where the Author field is in PowerPress (for those who host their RSS feed from their WordPress website)

I hope this helps.

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