Stitcher Radio for podcasters – Interview with Rachel Eaton

Rachel Eaton is the Director of Content Partnership at Stitcher Radio. She is in charge of growing the number of content providers (podcasters) using their free service. There are over 200k content providers featured on Stitcher, a platform that allows anyone to stream podcasts in their car, on their smartphones, and on their computers.


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Rachel is the middleman (woman) between the technology and content providers (podcasters) and their end user (the listener).

Benefits of Stitcher for listeners

Stitcher dashboard

The Stitcher app allows you to start playing a podcast without downloading or syncing.

Under each show is a Discover tab to help listeners find more content related to that topic or category.

Front Page allows listeners to keep up to date with the latest news and breaking headlines at the touch of a button.

Browse Shows is where you can search and find any one of the 200,000 podcasts by category.

You can also create playlists customized from their favorite shows (My Stations) or watch your Friends Activity and discover shows your friends are listening to.

The app is free and more than 4 million cars have already been empowered with Stitcher in their dashboards, making it even safer to listen to podcasts while driving. Using “Car Mode”, even without a Stitcher enabled car, gives you a screen with larger play, skip forward/back, ship to next show buttons that play through your favorites list.

How to get your podcast recommended by Stitcher

Stitcher Favorites

Over 65% of listeners are discovering at least one new show a month using Stitcher's Discover recommendations.

They use preference vectors based on a number of things:

  • Asking your listeners to put you in their Favorites List by using the “Plus” sign will help rank your podcast higher in “Discover” tabs
  • The “Thumbs-up” also gives you a higher rating based on the topic of your show, not the genre or category
  • The more listeners you get via Stitcher, the higher the ranking. Make good content that people want to hear on their smartphones.

Success story: My show, the MoneyPlan SOS podcast, was featured directly below the Dave Ramsey Show. Dave Ramsey is the big daddy in my genre, so being found in his Discovery tab not only exposed me to new listeners but gave my show Social Proof.

While Stitcher represents only 6% of my total downloads, I have heard from more of my listeners who found me through the app. Stitcher is in people's pockets, connecting me to my listeners in a more personal way than just through a desktop program. [Tweet “I love @Stitcher!”]

see how many people subscribe to my podcastStitcher Stats

The Partner Portal has some incredible stats for podcasters. You can sort by Date or dig deep to see your subscriber's listening behaviors in the Episodes tab:

  • Total Downloads
  • Total Listens
  • Total Listening Time
  • Average Listening Time
  • Average Completion Rate
  • Average Completion Rate within 15 seconds of the end of the episode

A podcaster really needs to pay attention to the Summary Stats on the right hand side of Stitcher's Partner Portal. Here you find the total downloads/listens, average listening time, how many people listen to the entire show, and HOW MANY PEOPLE PUT YOU IN THEIR PLAYLISTS. That's HUGE!

You can see how many people listen on a Wednesday compared to other days in the week.

The stats are CRAZY!

What is coming from Stitcher

Stitcher is being integrated in more cars, which will make it a more popular option for consuming podcasts. This is the platform you want to be on! Click here to submit your show to Stitcher

News for Podcasters: Stitcher is planning to add more content in the Front Page, allowing lesser known podcasts the ability to be discovered by offering bite-size episodes.


Stitcher is a powerful connection between those looking for great content and the podcaster. The stats allow podcasters a much greater insight to how people consumer their shows.

Download the Stitcher App for your IOS or Android device or visit to listen while sitting at your computer.

Why Stitcher Is Awesome For My Podcast
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