Reasons A Podcaster Should Buy A Keyword Rich Domain

SEO Expert Will Hanke wrote a post recently about why purchasing keyword rich domain names is no longer recommended.

The article points out that Google updated their algorithm to focus more on the written content inside the post rather than the domain name itself.

He gives reasons for when it is smart to buy a keyword rich domain, such as purchasing another business and having it redirect to your main site. However, he points out that an exact match domain name will not help you rank higher.

Are there exceptions to this rule for podcasters? After all, we are trying to drive people to our websites through an audible (and video) medium.

Reasons a podcaster should buy a keyword rich domain name

Launching a new podcast website

A podcasting website is nothing more than a normal website dedicated to the show. If you are launching a brand new website for your new “Ultimate BitCoin Podcast” then buy the domain “” or “”. There are a few valuable keywords in there that won't hurt your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This idea works best for someone starting out with a new website for their podcast.

Making your podcast easy to find

The most important reason a podcaster should buy a keyword rich domain is to make it memorable to the listener. Most people are listening to podcasts while keeping their hands busy. They are driving, running, doing yard work, knitting, etc and they are hoping you will keep them company. Many of your listeners won't be able to surf to your website while listening and probably won't write down the link to your special offer while battling traffic.

Having a keyword rich domain name with the name of your podcast in it will help your audience find your website once they have put down their weed-waker or after parking their bike in the garage. Make your “CrossFit For Nerds Podcast” easy to find by purchasing the domain “”.

Adding a podcast to your existing website

For someone who is adding a podcast to their existing business or brand's website, purchasing a keyword rich domain for your podcast might make sense. For example: If the website to your established business is “” and you start a podcast called “CrossFit For Nerds” then it might be a good idea to buy the domain “” and have it re-direct to the podcast category/page of your main website.

The underlining message here is to have your podcast's message or niche represented in the title and purchase that domain to make it easy for your audience to find you. A podcaster should not buy a keyword rich domain if it is only to rank higher in Google search results.

Will Hanke's recommendations make a lot of sense, but some of the rules don't apply when dealing with an audio medium (podcast). Podcasters need a domain name that is easy to say, easy for listeners to remember, and that matches the niche of our blog. Be smart about your keyword rich domain name selection and soon you will discover that Yes, you can podcast too!

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