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I'm not just an editor.  I'm a podcaster.

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I love Steve’s sense of humor and his approach to these important topics - Jared Easley

Steve is a dynamite host and knows what he is talking about - BrooklynMoneyGirl (Farnoosh Torabi)

Steve speaks to me where I am on my debt elimination journey. Listen and start paying attention, not interest!
- Mr. Joshua Brown
Steve is a Dave Ramsey follower, but his has his own experiences to draw from giving him a unique prospective
- Mr. James Kinson


I love the idea of a single show giving advice from a team of financial coaches - VP Carter

Very well-rounded show about improving money for the long term. Slow and steady - Nick

Great show with an energetic host! Steve knows his stuff about personal finance and is able to explain technical topics in an easy to follow way - Erika

Steve Stewart does it again. Just like MoneyPlan SOS, the Financial Wellness Show is short, sweet, and packed with valuable insights - Ryan Michler


Hi. I’m Steve and I want you to do what we did: Get out of debt and pay off your house.

But don’t just listen to me, listen to the experts featured on my new podcast “No Debt, No Credit, No Problems”.

Each episode features a financial product, service, or expert - including regular appearances from an ex-IRS agent and segments from Tom Corley’s Rich Habits.

Great Sounding Audio Starts with the Right Setup.

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