Personal Finance Podcasts I listen to

Podcasts are internet radio shows that can offer a lot of helpful information for free. Although Apple made podcasts very easy to get by using iTunes, you don't need an iPod to listen. In most cases you can use your computer to listen, any MP3 player to play, or even stream the shows on your smart phone via an application like Stitcher.

What makes podcasts great

What really makes podcasts great is that anybody can start one. The low barrier to entry and global reach with the internet makes podcasting very accessible to anyone with a message to send. It is also inexpensive to produce and allows someone with a unique service/product/idea to reach their target audience.

Crazy example: Quilt podcasts

It's really incredible but anyone can find an audience for their niche, even these guys:

Top 8 Personal Finance Podcasts

Because I've been interested in Personal Finance for a few years, and because this website is dedicated to helping you learn how money really works, I am providing a list of my favorite financial podcasts so that you might learn even more about paying attention, not interest:

APM: Marketplace Money

  • Released weekly, usually less than 60 minutes in length
  • Hosted by Tess Vigeland and features a number of regular contributors
  • Addresses a number of topics from local issues to global financial events
  • Good option if you like news-type shows and journalistic opinion pieces
  • View on debt & credit: Manage it and build your credit score

Brian Preston's Money Guy podcast

  • Released bi-weekly, anywhere from 30-60 minutes long
  • Hosted by Brian Preston and Bo “I-dont-know-his-last-name”
  • Focuses more on the investing, taxes, and going beyond common sense
  • Great for topic-specific advice with occasional money-saving shows
  • View on debt & credit: Manage it and often discusses ways to build credit card rewards

Dave Ramsey Show

  • 1 hour free each weekday, or all 3 hours if you subscribe to
  • Hosted by New York Times best-seller Dave Ramsey
  • A call-in show with the occasional rant!
  • The best in teaching people common sense in personal finance
  • View on debt & credit: Pay it all off and cut up the cards

JW Financial Coaching podcast

  • Released weekly, usually 15-30 minutes in length
  • Hosted by Personal Finance Coach Jon White 
  • Focuses on giving you a new perspective on your money
  • Great if you want focused information in a well-organized format
  • View on debt & credit: Debt is hurting your future and credit cards should be avoided

Living In Financial Excellence (L.I.F.E.)

  • Unfortunately it is on an indefinite hiatus, but archives are still available
  • Hosted by Personal Finance Coach Matt Wegner
  • Focused on helping you find a brighter, wealthier future
  • Interviews, discussions, and mailbag questions answered
  • View on debt & credit: Eliminate your debt and avoid using credit

Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips

  • Released weekly, usually less than 10 minutes
  • Hosted by Laura Adams
  • A short, specific money topic tackled each week
  • To be honest, I unsubscribed because she promotes building your credit score way too often. I just couldn't take it anymore. I hope you can find it educational.
  • View on debt & credit: Build it (see note above)

Stacking Benjamins (Formerly “2 Guys And Your Money”, formerly “The Worst of the FreeFinancialAdvisor”)

  • Released weekly, between 60-90 minutes
  • Hosted by Average Joe Money and O.G.
  • Funny, laid-back discussions about debt, being frugal, and investing concepts
  • A variety of topics with a 5-person roundtable discussion and Top 5 list
  • View on debt & credit: Mostly pay it off and manage credit, but both sides are covered when discussing with the roundtable panel

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

  • Released weekly, between 15-30 minutes
  • Hosted by Jesse Mecham, founder of YNAB
  • Examples and explanations on how budgeting works and effects life
  • You've never budgeted like this (I can attest that the software is BEAUTIFUL!)
  • View on debt & credit: Pay it off and credit cards are another layer to add to managing your personal finances

What's yours? Please leave your favorite financial podcasts in the comments below.

So many podcasts, so little time