My podcast post-editing workflow

Previously, I shared my pre-recording checklist and editing workflow that takes me from sitting down to record an episode to converting the labeling the edited MP3 file.

Of course, there is still more work to be done – a lot more! Here is my podcast post-editing workflow:

Steps-to-take-after-recording-a-podcastShow notes

I often have an outline prepared for the recording. This comes in really handy when typing up the show notes. I pay close attention to keywords, which is becoming less important, and try to link to the resources mentioned throughout the recording.

For interview episodes, I link to the guest’s website or social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. This will also entice a guest to share your podcast with their audience (very important).

Artwork and Featured Image

Pictures are worth 1,000 words. Every blogpost needs a picture or graphic to entice visitors to read your content. I also create a Featured Image which serves as a thumbnail that will show up when my podcast is shared on social media.

I’ve recently begun using Canva to create my images. It’s super-easy to use, has hundreds of free graphics, and even allows me to upload my one pictures into the creation. Thanks to Cynthia Sanchez from the OhSoPintersting Podcast for telling me about it!

SEO: Yoast or All-In-One plugins

At this point it’s time to create the blogpost on my website. I enter the title, paste the show notes into the body of the post, create hyper-links, import the images, select the category, and then spend some time with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is important to help people find my website and, more specifically, the podcast episode I am about to release. There are two awesome WordPress plugins I recommend: WordPress SEO by Yoast (awesome) and All-In-One SEO Pack (great). Both are easy to use and understand, even for a beginner podcaster.

I’m not good at SEO so please forgive me for not going further into this subject. If you want to learn more about the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, including how to set it up properly, consider taking the *WordPress SEO Video Tutorial Series from Will Hanke.

*Affiliate link, but I only put things on my website that I believe in, or use, myself

Paste podcast link

I use to host my recordings. Once uploaded, I copy and paste the Direct Download URL into the PowerPress plugin and click “Verify”.

Another option for libsyn users is to embed a player into your blog post.


This also works with almost any website using HTML (see below). This even works on fully-hosted, free website services like Blogger and too!

Simply copy and paste the Embed Code from libsyn into a new post and BOOM, there it is!

how to put libsyn podcast into powerpress plugin

Special share options 

Occasionally a guest will say something that is just perfect to share on Twitter.

In those cases I’ll create a special text box or use a plugin called Click To Tweet by TodayMade.

You could also include a special text box that includes a call to action.

Pretty Link

To help my listener find the show notes easier I will use *PrettyLinkPro to create a shorter URL.

Since I number my episodes it becomes easy to announce, even while recording the episode, that my listeners can find the show notes at

This simple trick allows me to use keywords in the original post and give my listeners a shortcut to find it.

Before buying, watch this video

Promote, share, reach

At this point I can click “Publish” and the podcast goes live. However, we aren’t done yet. It’s time to promote the release through social media, email updates, and a number of other outlets.

Some of these tasks can be automated, but I like to schedule a few Tweets for the upcoming week so as to reach a different audience at varying times of the day.

Podcast post-editing is like admin day

To me, the entire post-editing workflow is like doing administrative work. There’s lots of typing and non-audio work that goes into putting the episode on the internet. Doing it properly without forgetting a step is very important to the success of the podcast.

I would love to hear what you do differently in your post-editing workflow and what tools you use to help promote it.

What suggestions do you have to reach a brand new listener?

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  • Chris Pilon

    April 7, 2014

    Great reminders for me to follow the steps in the correct order that works the best. Thanks!


      April 7, 2014

      Thanks Chris. You are doing good stuff over at the Dadrenaline podcast. Keep bringing Mary on, she’s adorbs!