My 2020 Accomplishments in review

Each year I whip out my laptop and jot down details about what happened in the previous 12 months.

I compare the results to the list I created the year prior.

This practice has been helping me see where my flaws are, where things went wrong, and what went right!

If you do something similar then I'd love to see it!

My 2020 results in detail:

#1: Train 3 new editors

The idea behind training new editors is to have a pool of trusted contractors if/when my business needed help.

Four individuals took my Podcast Editing Class in July – and each did a great job.

Unfortunately, my business did not grow much in 2020, but each member said they benefited greatly from taking the class.

Here is a photo of me and one of my newest contractors, Virginia from Podcast Abundance.

Result: #WIN


#2: Train contractors to take over full episode production

Most work I outsource to my contractors/graduates is just the recorded interview. I’m a control freak and still need to feel like I put my stamp of approval on the entire episode before it goes out.

Training contractors to do the entire process from start-to-finish scares me…but it’s the only way I can serve 22 clients without spending 80 hours a week editing.

Result: #sortofawin. 2 of my contractors are doing full episode production for a couple shows. I should outsource more.


#3: Work enough to be able to take long weekends or go to conferences once a month

Hahahahaha! Yeah right. 2020 threw this one right out the window.

Since there are fewer reasons to leave the house, I continue to work on the weekend.

Most of the time I work when I want to, which is when my wife and daughter are busy doing things without me.

However, I did host the Podcast Editors Conference in Orlando on March 6th with my business partner, Mark Deal and we did take one socially-distanced trip to the mountains of Colorado (population 620).

But that was it.

Result: This one a #fail for technical reasons – but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Because, you know…#2020


#4: ROCK the Podcast Editors Conference (Orlando March 6th)

The Podcast Editors Conference was everything I had expected, and more.

It was my favorite thing about 2020.

Podcast Editors Conference Orlando 2020

Talk about a BHAG! The Podcast Editors Conference would have never happened without all the hard work Mark Deal put into the planning and execution. Thank you Mark!

Result: An obvious #win


#5: Schedule the next Podcast Editors Conference

Remember: This list was developed in the Fall of 2019.

With so much in the air right now, it's difficult to commit to a date or venue.

Mark Deal and I have some ideas, but haven't taken any action on them right now.


Results: #fail


#6: Generate $10k gross every month and net $8k per month

I set this BHAG because it would be a clear indication that I was growing my business.

2020 threw a wrench in it, but that’s just an excuse. There were a couple of disruptions, but I was fortunate to pick up new clients when losing existing ones.

God continues to bless me in my business. That's the only way I can explain it.

Here are the real numbers:

  • 2 out of 12 months I generated more than $10k in revenue (gross). 
  • As for profit (revenue minus expenses, not including income taxes), only 1 month saw more than $8k.

There is a deeper explanation as to why this was a big #fail.

I’m generally not motivated by money.

My motivation comes from the feeling that I’m helping others. Rabbi Daniel Lapin describes getting paid for helping others as “receiving certificates of appreciation in the form of money”.

I've grown to understand and appreciate that definition.

So I enjoy serving and providing great customer service at the expense of my bottom line. I can live with that.

Result: #fail


#7: Record new/updated Audacity Workshop video course


Recording and editing/rendering video is a long, time-consuming process.

I'd much rather tackle a lot of small tasks.

So I procrastinate and look for other things to check off a to-do list than sit down for hours working on one thing.

Result: #epicfail. I'm my own worst enemy.


#8: Migrate the Audacity Workshop to the Teachable platform

See above.

Result: Obvious #fail


#9: Create “Podcast Launch Course

The idea here was to provide my fellow editors and podcast managers a template from which to follow so they could properly launch podcasts for newbie podcasters.

I beta-tested it with a handful of my peers with the goal of publishing the course in 2020.

Result: #fail

The feedback I received from the beta testers was great – and made me realize such a course wasn’t right for 90% of the target market.

There are some great things that came from developing the beta that I may polish off and put into the Podcast Editor Academy. We shall see.


#10: Move my t-shirt designs to TeePublic


Check out my designs at

Result: #win!


#11: Personal goal to grow savings by another $40k

My wife and I want to move to a little town in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in a couple years. 

I mean….this!

In order to get out there, we need to find and buy a house.

I hate debt, so we are trying to accumulate a large down-payment so the mortgage will be as low as possible. (Or maybe even pay cash for it!)

Saving large chunks of money is the only way we can do it.

Result: #fail

My 2020 gross revenue and profit was down 15% compared to 2019. That probably had something to do with this #fail, you think? 🙂



My overall focus for 2020 was “Niche-down, work less, and still make more”.

The reason for most of the #fails above was laziness and excuses I told myself not to be successful.

There was a lot of mental fatigue that came from the worry, uncertainty, and massive change – things I am sure you can relate to.

As a result, I barely even looked at my list – which helps me focus and stay on track.

Will 2021 be better?

Yes, absolutely.

I just need to make it happen.

How did you do in 2020?

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