My 10 most downloaded podcast episodes

My podcast, the MoneyPlan SOS podcast, has released 138 episodes over the past three years (as of December 2013).

Looking back at the stats, I share my thoughts on why these were the 10 most downloaded podcast episodes of all time (as of December 2013):

Episode 122: Can You Really Retire Early?

This show was released on August 29, 2013 and received over 2,600 downloads

I interviewed two young men who worked hard at saving 40-60% of their income. One was clearly on a path to retire early, the other on a similar path but was able to quit his high-stress job to pursue a small business. The topic is compelling, the idea of working hard now to get away from the 9 to 5 before 65, but I know the truth.

The reason this is the most downloaded episode is because my guests had huge followings. If you visit Jason Fieber’s blog at you will discover 20-60 comments on every single blogpost. He has a huge following and they were hungry to hear him talk about his investing plans. It’s no surprise that I gained some new followers and have huge download numbers for that release. Thanks Dividend Mantra!

Episode 123: Three Budgeting Processes That Work

Released on September 6, 2013, this show was downloaded over 2,500 times

The basis of any personal finance plan that works is a budget. But which type of budget works best for you? I talk about the three budgeting processes that work and the one my wife likes to use.

My loyal listeners like to talk about budgets. But we can’t ignore the fact that this show was released the week after the top downloaded episode. No doubt the downloads for Ep 123 were willing to try another show after listening to Ep 122.

Episode 117: Baby Step 7 – Build Wealth and Leave a Legacy

My interview with Chris Hogan released on July 23, 2013 has been downloaded more than 2,300 times

Chris Hogan is one of Dave Ramsey’s Speakers Group and the host of the EntreLeadership Podcast, a show that is constantly in the top 5 Business podcasts on iTunes. In this episode I discussed what Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #7 is, what most people don’t understand about Baby Step #7, and then interview Chris about the new class “The Legacy Journey”.

People love to dream about becoming debt free. Having Chris Hogan on the show to talk about leaving a legacy to your children was just icing on the cake.

Episode 126: Get Away From Credit Cards Forever

More than 2,300 people have learned how to get away from their credit cards since the show was released on October 2, 2013

The title grabs you, doesn’t it. There may be a bit of residual effect from Dividend Mantra fans trying my show out since Ep122, but the topic is solid for my niche.

I chalk this one up as a win because everyone who wants to be debt free wants to know how to ween themselves off the dependency on credit cards.

Episode 124: Four Steps To Making Smart Purchasing Decisions

2,100 downloads since September 13, 2013

I think the topic was great but these types of episodes never bring in the biggest numbers.

I'm chalking this up as another MP3 file influenced by the Dividend Mantra Effect.

Episode 119: The Real Cost to be a Stay At Home Mom

2,000 downloads since August 8, 2013

I’m really glad to see this episode is so popular. Many people don’t realize what it takes to be a stay-at-home mom and this episode helps them consider the costs and benefits of quitting the day job to stay home with the kids.

My ideal listener is a married couple with two kids, likely girls. The husband supports the wife's desire to stay home to raise the kids and they both want to know what it will take to make it happen. As you will learn from this episode, it is very possible for someone to quit the day job if they just cut expenses at home.

Episode 118: Stay In Your Investing Seat

Just over 2,000 downloads since August 1, 2013

You wouldn’t pay good money for Major League Baseball tickets only to stand in the concessions area all day, would you? Well, you probably aren’t missing much because there is only 18 minutes of actual game-play in the typical baseball game – the rest is spent waiting for the ball to be pitched. The same goes for investing: Don’t get out of the market and try to get in just before a Grand Slam. Chances are you will miss it because you weren’t in your investing seat.

Guys like sports analogies and I had a lot of fun with this episode. I think my listeners did too.

Episode 116: Baby Step 6 – Pay Off The House

Almost 2,000 downloads since July 18, 2013

The pros and cons of paying off the house. Yes, you lose the mortgage interest deduction but you also don’t have to pay the interest AND have no house payment!

Chalk the success of this episode to the dream of having 100% equity in your home. Who doesn’t like that idea? I’m not surprised to see this in my list of most downloaded podcast episodes.

Episode 115: Save for Kid’s College with Rachel Cruze

Almost as many downloads as Ep116, released on July 10, 2013

This episode was almost as popular as the “Pay Off The House”, but it has to do with saving for kid’s college.

What this tells me is that I am hitting my target market. Who would listen to an interview with Rachel Cruze to discuss ways to pay for college if they didn’t have any kids? Score another one for me.

Episode 131: Financial Lessons That Stand The Test Of Time

Already 1,800 downloads since November 7, 2013

People love a good story. In Ep131 I share the financial lessons I learned over the past 40+ years; From selling stuff cheap at our garage sale to losing everything in a divorce except for a mortgage.

I’m not sure why this 6-week old release is in my Top 10 of most downloaded podcast episodes. I can tell you that it is the forth-shortest episode I have ever released. That could help boost my Stitcher listens, people are more likely to listen to a podcast they know will fit within their schedule, but it wouldn’t effect it by hundreds!

2013 was a mixed year

All in all, 2013 was a pretty good year for my podcast. I am worried that listenership hasn’t increased as much as I had hoped but am glad to have found new friends because of my show. There is no doubt that some people stopped listening last year as new subscribers have come on board. I hope to increase that number by a factor of 2 next year.

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