The Most Important WordPress Plugin Every Podcast Needs

buy pretty link plugin to make it easy for your audience to find your show notesI was looking at another podcaster's website and saw they had made the same mistake I did: They titled their blogpost with the URL

The 001 doesn't help anyone except for the podcaster, but what do you title your first show's page?

There is an answer! They need to use the WordPress plugin that is the single most important plugin EVERY podcaster needs!

It's called Pretty Link!


What Pretty Link does

Pretty Link Lite is a free WordPress plugin that does exactly what the title implies: It makes links look pretty.

There is a Pro version that has some extra goodies, but I got by for years on the free version.

Eventually I purchased the PRO version as a “Thank you for the awesome plugin” gift to the developers.

Pretty Link uses

Use Pretty Link to redirect people to a page, a post, an affiliate sale page, or even to your newsletter signup page.

  • Page: Want to direct people to your Contact page? Create a pretty link that looks like this:
  • Post: Have you reviewed a product or have an evergreen post you like to send people to? Use Pretty Link to communicate it verbally by creating a link that looks like this
  • Affiliate Sales: Listeners of my podcast, the MoneyPlan SOS podcast, know that I love a budgeting software called You Need A Budget (known as YNAB). The link I created to send them to try or buy it is
  • Newsletter: Make it easy for your podcast listeners to subscribe to your email list. Create a link and announce that during your show.

There are many other used for Pretty Link. I would love to hear some of your creative thoughts in the comment section below.

Where to find Pretty Link

You can find Pretty Link in your WordPress dashboard under Plugins, then Add New, and finally search for Pretty Link Lite. Once installed you will find a shortcut on your dashboard.

I think once you've used Pretty Link for a while you will understand why I paid for the Pro Version. You can find it using my Pretty Link: (See how I did that?)

Help your listeners and people searching online for your content by using Pretty Link. And for heaven's sake, don't create a post for your podcast that is only your website domain and a 3-digit number!

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  • Chris Jones

    November 21, 2015

    Great info, Steve. I’m going to install this.