Long Live the Niche Podcaster!

Radio wouldn't have us.

Television won't broadcast us.

Most people will never know about us because we don't have famous “connections” to promote us.

None of that matters because of Podcasting…

Technology has brought us into people's cars, hands and homes.

Podcasting allows anyone, anywhere to have a platform about anything.

All you need is a smartphone and you can learn about anything you want – thanks to Podcasters.

Your show may only get 200 downloads, but your show matters to those 200 people.

Your show may never get a sponsor, but your listeners keep coming back for YOU, the podcaster.

Your show may never be “On Fire”, but the connections you make by having a podcast can elevate you to being known as THE subject matter expert.

Long live the Niche Podcaster and their podcasts!!!

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