Want to start a podcast? Learn how to podcast by listening to these podcasts

I've found the following three podcasts are extremely helpful for newbie and wannabe podcasters:

Podcasting for Coaches by Britany FelixPodcasting for Coaches

Britany Felix hosts this short show that walks any wannabe podcaster through the steps to launching a podcast. While she caters her message to coaches, the information she shares is easy to understand and simple enough for anyone to follow.

Podcasting for Coaches is a weekly show that averages between 6-12 minutes each, which you can find at PodcastingForCoaches.com.

Listen to this 8-minute episode about creating Show Artwork:

Big Podcast by David HooperBig Podcast

Host David Hooper bring his many years of radio experience and working in the music industry to podcasting.

His new(ish) podcast is full of bite-size, actionable advice that focuses heavily on conducting great interviews, focusing on your audience, and thoughts on the latest news in the world of podcasting.

In June 2018 he released a series called “Podcast Interviewing School” that's really good.

Every episode is less than 10 minutes, with the average being around 4 minutes, which you can find at BigPodcast.com

Listen to this 5-minute episode about how to do Guest Introductions:

School of Podcasting by Dave JacksonSchool of Podcasting

Dave Jackson started his podcast about podcasting in 2005. I can't summarize what his show is about because, well, he has more than 600 weekly episodes that average between 40-50 minutes.

What hasn't he covered already?

Dave speaks to you as if he knows you, which creates a comfortable listening experience. He's also entertaining and one of the nicest guys you'll ever get to know (virtually or in person).

The School of Podcasting is a multi-segmented show with reports on new developments in the world of podcasting, technical discussions that don't get too geeky, and some of the best analogies from his personal experiences you'll ever hear.

Here's the episode he released today, which I haven't listened to yet because I'm writing this blog post:

You can find everything “Dave Jackson” at SchoolofPodcasting.com

Other notable shows:

The Audacity to Podcast by Daniel J Lewis

The master of “Top 10 ways to…” episodes, especially those episodes released in mid-2016.

Daniel is about to come back from a hiatus, but you have plenty of content from his 300+ episodes: TheAudacityToPodcast.com

The Podcast Report by Paul Colligan

Paul talks a lot about the industry of podcasting. I would categorize his show as “What does such-and-such mean for podcasting?”

The show is seasonal, and each season has a different twist or theme. Check it out at ThePodcastReport.com

#TheFeed by libsyn

Every two weeks, hosts Elsie Escobar and Rob Walch give insights to the latest developments in the world of podcasting, Rob's very strong opinions about what's right and what's wrong with news articles and reports, and they provide download stats per their hosting service.

Go listen at https://thefeed.libsyn.com

Learning to podcast by listening to podcasts

I started podcasting in 2010 and continued to learn about this growing industry by listening to lots of podcasts…maybe too many.

Even though I no longer produce my own podcast, I continue to learn about recent developments and new technology by listening to podcasts.

Hopefully the resources I listed above will provide you with helpful information as you learn how to podcast, or improve your existing podcast.

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