Inexpensive Royalty-free Music Site Allows you to Easily Customize the Length of the Song

Kiné Corder from Prosperity Report showed me this royalty-free music website and it blew my mind!

Kiné wanted music to play under her “5 Minute Activation” segment.

Normally, I'd take an existing royalty-free song and find sections to repeat.

The process would take at least 2-3 minutes to get it just right, but she showed me sells good quality royalty-free music, but it's their LongoLoops tool that makes it extremely valuable.

You can make a song last 5 minutes or 30 minutes in just a few clicks using their LongoLoops tool.

MelodyLoops LongoLoop tool

Currently, you can get three songs for $30 and create numerous LongoLoops.

You can play with the tool for free, or even play with some of their free songs to see if you like it:


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