I need an Izabela Russell for my podcast

I'm a solo podcaster but I need an Izabela Russell for my podcast.

When coming up with content and production it is all up to me. Many podcasters do it this way, it's just easier as it removes the complexity of trying to coordinate a schedule for recording together and it avoids detours down unrelated topics by an aloof secondary-host. It will also keep me from making blanket statements and would make me go deeper into my topic. Having an Izabela Russell on our podcasts would benefit us greatly.

izabela-russellWhat is this “Izabela Russell” I speak of?

Izabela Russell is the business partner of Mike Russell. She has a background as an Audio Branding Specialist and experience as a script writer for podcasters, DJ's and radio stations. Most importantly, as far as this post is concerned, she is the co-star of the Music Radio Creative podcast.

Don't get me wrong, this post isn't about having a co-host for your show – having  an Izabela Russell of your own is much more valuable than that.

What Izabela Russell brings to the table

In recent episodes of the Music Radio Creative podcast, Izabela has challenged host Mike Russell on some of the statements he has made. For example: Mike would make a statement like “Advertising on iTunes radio will be good for the listener” and Izabela would question Mike as to why he would say that?

Her challenge wasn't as much of a disagreement as it was a debate. Many times Izabela Russell will jump in and stand up for us, the listeners, to have Mike go a bit deeper into the point he is trying to convey.

Going deeper into the subject matter ensures that nobody is left out. It introduces new ways to look at a particular point and brings more value to the overall show.

Why I need an Izabela Russell on my podcast

I don't make blanket statements on my podcast. My podcast's niche is the everyday American who is coming to the realization that they need to eliminate all of their debt but doesn't know how. Everybody is different and we all have small habits or behaviors or personality traits that makes it difficult for me to say “this is the only way it works”.

However, with an Izabela Russell on my podcast I could make those statements and she could chime in with wonderful questions that would cause me to further explain my point. The discussion could also introduce other options and let more listeners feel like they are being represented – as if they had a voice while listening to a recorded audio program.

Listen to Episode 59 of Music Radio Creative and you will understand better the point I am trying to make.

You don't need a co-host, you need an Izabela

Izabela Russell makes the perfect addition to a one-man (or woman) show. She is knowledgeable about the niche audience that Music Radio Creative is trying to reach, she brings personal experiences to light in their discussions, and she books interesting guests from time-to-time. Izabela brings an entirely new dynamic to the program by challenging blanket statements and making us go deeper into our content.


Now, do you know where can I find my own Izabela Russell?

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  • Dave Jackson

    September 16, 2013

    This is actually a topic of my next podcast. So many people want to start a podcast with like minded people but that can lead to what I call “Me too” radio. What is your favorite microphone? The Audio technica 2100. Then the co-host says “me too.” How engaging is that.

    There is a great book on this called beyond powerful radio where the author goes into the many different roles. I recently added a co-host to my Saturday morning show. Jim from the averageguy.tv is my “color commentary” guy who fills in and provides a different point of view. Jim is a lot like me, but does some things that I go “I’m not sure if I would do that” which makes him a great co-host (and he’s a great guy).



      September 16, 2013

      Great point Dave. I completely agree with you. You and I are like minded people. We should do a show together. 🙂