How to use libsyn Categories

how to use libsyn category player code

For most podcasts, the category feature inside libsyn doesn't provide a whole lot of value.

Most shows are simply one new release after another with no departure from format, structure, or need to be segregated from the other episodes.

However, I find there can be TONS of value if you want to be creative in a collection or “round-up” type of blog post.

How to create podcast Category players on your website

If you use libsyn, even if you use a different RSS feed to distribute your podcast, you can take advantage of the Category feature.


Step 1: Create a Category

As you upload a new episode, you can create a new category.

You can also go back and change the category tag for episodes you have previously uploaded.

You can find the Category tag under the Details tab inside each episode's post.

libsyn1 category in upload screen

Step 2: Filter the Categories

Once you have the episodes under the correct category, go to Destinations.

Then click on “Category Filter” to select the category you want to feature on your website.

This will only show the episodes you have selected in that category.

Note: Episodes have to be included in the “Select Content” list of the Flash Player or Web Player destination. They usually are by default, but check there in case you don't see what you want.

Step 3: Copy/Paste the html code onto your site

Once you have filtered the Category, copy the html code below (as seen in the image above).

Paste the code where you want the Category player to appear on your website page or post.

Note: For WordPress websites, the code has to be pasted into the Text are of WordPress sites 4.9 or earlier, or use the html or code block for WordPress 5.0+

Once you publish the player, it will function like this:

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