How to Submit Your Podcast to Google

list your podcast on Google Podcasts

Google has launched “Google Podcasts Manager”, which offers listener analytics and a process for submitting a show to the Google Podcasts directory.

The analytics will be based on listener activity within the Google ecosystem (aka: Not Apple or Spotify, which have their own analytic portals).

Here's how to claim your podcast and ensure it is included in the Google Podcasts directory:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log into your Google account

Step 3: Enter your podcast RSS feed

Submit podcast to Google step 1

Tip: If you host with libsyn, find your RSS feed under the “Destinations” tab

Step 4: Preview the feed for accuracy

Looks good? Click “Next step”

Step 5: Verify ownership

At this point, you need to claim ownership of the podcast.

Google will send a verification code to the email listed inside the RSS feed.

Tip: If the gmail account you logged into Podcasts Manager is the same then you won’t have to worry about this step.

My email was different, so I went through the steps to verify with the code:

Click “Send code” to receive a verification code to your email
This is the email I received with the code

Step 6: Enter code

Whalaa! You have claimed your show within Google!

Note: This step will help you get your podcast added to the Google Podcasts directory.

Step 7: Get started

Click “Get Started” to advance to the Google Podcasts Manager


Inside Google Podcasts Manager

I will refer to this as the Dashboard.

Your dashboard will show listener stats/analytics.

This is my personal podcast, which was retired in 2015

From this screen, you can also submit another podcast or add another team member.

Click the drop-down arrow to see your other shows or submit another show
Give someone else access to this account

Tip: If you are a podcast editor like me, you can ask your client to add you as an editor. This will allow you to log into Google Podcasts Manager and retrieve stats for your clients. I do this with libsyn stats for a couple clients. They appreciate the added service.

Repeat the process to claim ownership for all your podcasts.

Log into the same account to add new podcasts you launch.

Over time, Google should provide you with some valuable information about how people listen to your show through Google Podcasts.

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