How To Stand Out In A Google Hangout On Air

I was honored to join the Podcasters' Roundtable in Round 17 Modifying Past Episodes. The topic was spurred by a question I put on a Google Plus page but I really didn't have much to add to the discussion. So how was I to stand out in a Google Hangout On Air?

The answer: A dry erase board with the show's logo on it!

How To Stand Out In A Google Hangout On Air

Most Google Hangouts are done in front of a laptop or computer with webcam. These devices are usually located in home offices, dens, bedrooms, and basements. The backdrops are normally book shelves or picture frames and aren't very interesting. This provided me with an idea:

How To Stand Out In A Google Hangout

Artistic ability aside – having a dry erase marker board with the show's logo splashed on it becomes an instantly huge success! Here are the benefits:

  • Shows you are dedicated to the message or theme of the show
  • Gives host of the Google Hangout additional content to talk about
  • Makes you more memorable to the members and the viewing audience

Ray Ortega, host of the Podcasters' Roundtable, mentioned the backdrop multiple times in Round 17 and never once talked about my tardiness. Whew!

[pullquote position=”right”]Use a dry erase board with your host's logo as a backdrop to really stand out in a Google Hangout[/pullquote]

Other benefits of a Dry Erase Board

This “prop” was actually my white board for scribbling lists, topic ideas, and even possible episode titles. It is reusable, infinitely adaptable to any show/niche/topic, and less distracting than a group of colorful balloons. It can be hung on the wall, placed on a pedestal, or stashed behind a door when not in use.

It is also good for illustrating ideas in video tutorials. More about that in future posts.

In case you were curious, see for yourself

Here is the 1 hour Podcasters' Roundtable – Round 17 Modifying Past Episodes with host Ray Ortega, Podcast Award winner Daniel J. Lewis, classic Dave Jackson, and beautiful Kelly Mitchell. Feel free to leave your comments and observations below.

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  • Lisa

    October 5, 2013

    I thought your whiteboard showed your enthusiasm for the show. I like to see stuff in the background that either tells us more about the personality of the speaker or that promotes the brand of the speaker. I’ve even heard of people putting messages in the background that lead to audience members wining prizes. I think it is interesting to look at what someone has included in their background.


      October 5, 2013

      Thanks Lisa. I was just sucking-up to the big guys.

      I have to admit, I was surprised to find that you’ve seen the Podcasters’ Roundtable before you were on a guest. It was really great to hear you in a podcast where you weren’t just “The Public Speaker” (which I am also a fan of). Less scripting allows for more personality!