How To Schedule A Live Podcast Using Hangouts On Air (#HOA)

Whether preparing to do a webinar or announcing a live performance of your podcast over the internet, you can be ready to go in minutes using Google's free video streaming service, Hangouts On Air. This video will show you in 90 seconds how to schedule a live podcast using Hangouts On Air.

At the <[01:49]> mark, I go into some other features that will allow you to post a welcome video, share on other social channels, and even embed the Hangout On Air window on your website.

It's quick and easy to schedule a Google Hangout On Air for a future broadcast:

  1. Sign in to your Google account
  2. Go to your Google+ page
  3. Click on HOME to drop down the Menu Bar
  4. Select Hangouts
  5. Click on “Hangouts On Air”, then “Create A Hangout On Air”
  6. Fill out the Name and Description
  7. Select “Now” or “Later’. Later will allow you to schedule the start time and duration for your Hangout
  8. Select your Audience in Google+ communities
  9. Click on the “Share” button

This is what a scheduled Hangout On Air looks like on Google+:

Schedule a Google Hangout On Air (short video)

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How To QUICKLY Schedule A Google Hangout On Air

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