How to Embed a libsyn Podcast Player in Your Website

Media host provider libsyn offers a number of podcast players you can quickly embed on almost any website.

If you can embed a YouTube video on your website, then you can do this too.

Steps to Embed a libsyn Podcast Player in Your Website


Step 1: Log into your account

Step 2: Go to Content > Previously Published (or Scheduled)

click on previously published or scheduled for release in libsyn toolbar


Step 3: Click on the Link/Embed button for the episode


embed a podcast player on your website, step 3: click on the link/embed button


Step 4: Scroll down to find the player you want, then click “Preview/ Get Embed Code”.

We will use the Custom player in this example:

how to embed a libsyn custom player on your website


Step 5: Copy the iframe code. Paste the code in a blog post or page on your website.

embed a podcast player on your website, libsyn custom player iframe code


That's it. Once you publish the episode, the player will become visible for anyone coming to your website…

Go ahead, click on the buttons below to see all the features a libsyn Custom Player offers:


NOTE: This is HTML code. If you are using a WordPress website then paste the code in the “Text” pane:

paste html into the text pane in wordpress post


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