Free up lost space from Orphaned Files in Google Drive


Have you been running out of Google Drive space — even though you KNOW you haven't used that much storage?

That was the problem I experienced a year ago. I would Remove unwanted files to the Trash, clear out my Trash, and STILL my Google Drive said I was using waaaaaay more space than I should have.

Fortunately, I Googled a solution – and Google gave me one: Orphaned Files

What is an Orphaned File

Most of the time, a file becomes Orphaned because it was delete by a person who shares the folder/file with you.

In my situation, I upload 500MB+ size files to folders that belong to a client. This happens 3 times a week. (You do the math).

My client will go through and delete the old files a few weeks later. However, nobody can remove a file belonging to you.

That is how a file becomes orphaned: Your client/friend/family member may have deleted the file – or even the folder – from their account, but they can't delete the file from yours.

The file no longer has a home, but it still lives on in the ether.

How to free up space in your Google Drive

Run this process to free up space from Orphaned Files:

1) Sign into your Google account
2) Go to Click the “Search Now” button on this page
3) “Right-click” any files you no longer need (confirm with anyone you might be sharing folders with)
4) Click on the Trash option on the left margin
5) Click the drop-down arrow next to the word Trash, then Empty Trash

This time around I reduced my ever-growing 70GB storage down to 11GB!

Set a reminder in your Google Calendar to run this process every few months.

Let me know how much space you reclaimed after removing Orphaned Files from Google Drive.

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