Steve Stewart's audioblog speech at FinCon15

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My FinCon15 Presentation topic:

How To Reach A New Audience By Re-purposing Content with an Audioblog (i.e.: Podcast)

The difference with Podcasting:

I've been blogging since 2007 and podcasting since 2010.

There is one very important distinction between blogging and podcasting: You will reach an ENTIRELY different audience with a podcast.

Resources for you:

Download SLIDES from my presentation:
How To Repurpose Content with an Audioblog (slides only)

VIDEO (pre-recorded before FinCon15): 

Voice recording software and hardware:

Where to submit your podcast:

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Courses and memberships:

Pat Flynn’s How To Podcast YouTube course

John Lee Dumas’s Podcaster’s Paradise (video lessons, VERY active private FB community, invites to private meetups)

School Of Podcasting (video lessons, one-on-one coaching opportunities for when you are stuck)

Podcasts about Podcasting:

John Lee Dumas’s Free Podcast Course

School of Podcasting by Dave Jackson

The Audacity To Podcast by Daniel J Lewis

Libsyn’s #TheFeed

And webinars with some of the Podcast industry's leading experts: (my course with webinars)

Award Winning Podcast - Shannon McLay Martinis and Your MoneyTestimony from Plutus Award Winner – Shannon McLay

“I was fortunate enough to be paired with Steve Stewart as a mentor in 2014. When we first met, I wasn't sure if I would start my podcast.

However, Steve's positive attitude and assurance that I could not only create a podcast, but would love it as well played a strong part in deciding to move forward.

After I launched my podcast, Martinis and Your Money, Steve continuously supported me and offered great tips and ideas to help it grow.

In just a year, my podcast won the Plutus Award for Best Personal Finance Podcast at the very same conference, FinCon, where we were introduced a year earlier.

I am grateful to Steve for his support, encouragement, advice and positivity everyday. I highly recommend him.”

Other resources that can help you on your podcasting journey:

The 7 questions you must ask yourself before launching a podcast

Learn how to record and edit using Audacity:

Fake Audacity Workshop screen (FULL w text)

One-on-one coaching with a Plutus Award winner: email“>Coaching-225

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FinCon15 Speaker - Steve Stewart