Edit Bad Breaths FAST (with this easy-to-use software: RX6)

I'm an Audacity guy. It would only take me 1-3 seconds to fix a loud breath in a client's recording.

But do you know how many breaths there are in a 30-minute recorded conversation?

The guys in my Podcast Editors' Facebook group rave about this thing called iZotope RX6.

So I gave it a try…


WOW! The RX 6 Standard has a feature called “Breath Control”. It reduced all the bad breaths from a 32-minute recording in under 30 seconds.

RX 6 just saved me 5-10 minutes of editing! Now I'll be able to complete more projects this month, making my business more profitable in the coming months (and years)!

Take a look at it yourself here https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx/pricing.html

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