Why you do NOT want to use your website’s Podcast RSS feed

Let me tell you a story:

You have a great idea. You start a podcast. The audience size grows and you bring on a sponsor.

Then your site goes down. Suddenly, all the time you spent watching old YouTube videos about starting a podcast can't solve your problem: A problem that prevents you from releasing any new episodes because when your site is down, so is your podcast RSS feed.

Not only do you have a website problem, your podcast is now dead in the water. That won't look good to the sponsor you worked so hard to get.

Why you shouldn't use your website's RSS feed for a podcast:


website down means your podcast rss feed is down too

The above screenshot demonstrates why I would not use a website's RSS feed for a podcast:

  • The client's website is down
  • Their tech person hasn't responded
  • It's been 3 weeks

If your site goes down, so does your podcast's RSS feed.

No access to your website = no new episodes can be posted.

Eventually your RSS feed will be *removed from Apple Podcasts and other directories who think you've abandoned your show.

* I've had a podcast removed from Apple Podcasts due to abandonment, but it took months for it to happen. You still have time!

What is an RSS feed:

If you want to understand what an RSS feed does, watch this video:

Alternative RSS feeds for podcasters:

The best solution for a podcaster is to use the RSS feed provided by your media host.

For example: libsyn.com creates one when you sign up for any of their plans (use Promo code fincon for your first month free).

libsyn rss feed in destinations



“But Steve, I don't have a libsyn account and my hosting provider doesn't provide one.”

That's okay, because BluBrry, the creator of the PowerPress plugin, had a new solution called Podcast Mirror. You can read more about it on their website PodcastMirror.com, but I've heard a few good things about it so far.


Fortunately for my client who is having website issues, we migrated their podcast away from their website's RSS feed to their libsyn account's RSS feed a few months ago.

So the podcast still lives on and new episodes are being released on schedule.

You can avoid the headaches that may come from a broken RSS feed or a dead website by using your media host provider's RSS feed.

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