Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps have helped millions of people organize their finances and begin to pay attention – not interest!

My wife and I began following Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps in late 2005, In 13 months we paid off $15,000 in consumer debt and paid off our house by 2015.

Testimony: What I like most about the Baby Steps is that they work for 99 percent of Americans. Some would argue Dave's process for paying off debts isn't as efficient as others or that his basic investment advice isn't accurate. All I can say this: In ten years my wife and I turned a $70,000 negative net worth into a half million dollars of liquid assets and a paid-for house worth $200,000.

Your results may vary, but if you'd like to know more about Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps then listen:

Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps explained:

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Steve Stewart completed Dave Ramsey's Counselor Training in 2009 and was certified to teach Financial Peace University for the Workplace in 2007.

Dave Ramsey and Steve Stewart