Help a podcaster out: Copy your iTunes review into Stitcher too

Reviews on iTunes are a podcaster's reward! Every 5-star review helps a show rank higher in the charts and might score them a spot on the New and Noteworthy list. When leaving a review for your favorite new podcast, why not spend another 60 seconds to copy your iTunes review into Stitcher too?

Copy your iTunes review onto Stitcher too

Note: I recommend doing this on a computer rather than a smartphone.

Step 1: Write your 5-star review for your on iTunes

Step 2: Copy it before publishing (CTRL A, then CTRL C)

Leave a review in Stitcher too - Step 1

Step 3: Go to and click “Listen” in the top menu bar

Leave a review in Stitcher too - Step 3

Step 4: Find the podcast using the search icon (located top right corner)

Leave a review in Stitcher too - Step 4
Step 5: Paste the same review from iTunes into the Comment box

Leave a review for Stitcher too - Step 5

This takes me literally less than 1 minute because it's just copy/search/paste.

Help a podcaster out: 2 reviews for the price of one

Now that you know how quick and easy it is, go ahead and practice on my show, the MoneyPlan SOS podcast. (Yes, I just tricked you into reviewing my show) ;)


Thank you in advance!

OK, that was a bit presumptuous of me. But I do recommend you go help your favorite podcaster out by giving him a review on Stitcher too.

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