Putting Episode Numbers in Podcast Titles

Episode titles are VERY important for getting people to click PLAY on your podcast.

Don’t clutter your episode title with non-essential information. Here are my suggestions for getting the most out of your podcast episode titles.

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50 Percent of your Podcast Download Stats are Lies

I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that almost half of podcast download stats aren’t telling you the truth about your listeners. This video shows what to look out for and how to engage with your TRUE fans.

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Edit Bad Breaths FAST (with this easy-to-use software: RX6)

iZotope’s RX 6 Standard has a feature called Breath Control that will save me at least 5 minutes of editing per project, making my podcast editing business more profitable. Watch this 3-minute video to see what I mean.

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Cross-talk Clean-up

The host and guest are in a heated discussion. The guest urgently needs to interrupt to speak his mind. However, by doing so he makes a mess of the recording by throwing off the host and needing to start his sentence twice. #messy This video is a simple example of how to clean up cross-talk.

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Editing Challenge: Stop Using AND as a Crutch Word

The word “AND” can be used as a crutch word. It’s almost a replacement for “Um” or “uhhhhhh” – which is unnecessary and can become annoying over time. As a podcast editor, or even as we practice to become better speakers ourselves, try to remove the word “AND” when it serves no purpose. The words…

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