How I Manage ID3 Tags for Multiple Podcasts

Do you edit more than a few different podcasts? I manage more than 20 shows – many of which use ID3 tags. This is the process I found that works FASTEST: 1: Use ID3 Editor by PA-Software 2: Save the tag data for each show in a single DropBox folder 3: Load tag data to…

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Putting Episode Numbers in Podcast Titles

Episode titles are VERY important for getting people to click PLAY on your podcast.

Don’t clutter your episode title with non-essential information. Here are my suggestions for getting the most out of your podcast episode titles.

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50 Percent of your Podcast Download Stats are Lies

I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that almost half of podcast download stats aren’t telling you the truth about your listeners. This video shows what to look out for and how to engage with your TRUE fans.

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LAME Encoder vs Fraunhofer: Is There a Difference?

Podcasters and musicians know there is a difference between the LAME Encoder utilized by Audacity’s recording software and the Fraunhofer codec used by iTunes. When listening to spoken word recordings, such as a podcast episode, does the audience know the difference? Most will not. After all, they are listening in a noisy car or through…

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How To QUICKLY Schedule A Google Hangout On Air

It’s quick and easy to schedule a Google Hangout On Air for a future broadcast. Whether you are scheduling a webinar or announcing a live web performance of your podcast, you can be ready to go in minutes. This [2:39] video shows you how How To QUICKLY Schedule A Google Hangout On Air Sign in to…

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