Professional Podcast Editor’s Guide to Income Tax Returns

How to write off expenses for editing podcasts (sched c to 1 to 1040)

Are you frustrated with figuring out what you can write off? Legally? Yeah. Me too. I’ve compiled a helpful guide for those of us who sell services, not items, and just want to know where everything goes on a tax return. If you have someone else do your tax return, GREAT! This guide will still…

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The Cost of Editing a Podcast Yourself

the cost of editing a podcast by myself

Imagine you recorded 60 minutes of audio and have everything ready to put your show together. Assuming industry averages – and that you already have a computer – what are the costs of doing the post-production of your own podcast? Audacity: $0 Audacity is a multi-platform recording & editing program that has been around for…

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How to Record a Podcast Interview over the internet

how to record a podcast interview over the internet

Great sound can be captured over the internet. Everyone has heard of, but the audio quality is sub-par and not suitable for a podcast episode. In this video I share my Top 4 recommendations for recording podcast conversations over the internet. My Top 4 recommendations for recording audio for podcasts over the internet: 1.…

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SCRATCH TEST before every recording

Scratch Test

Always do “the Scratch Test” before hitting record. Check to make sure whatever software, service, or device you are using has picked up your microphone. If you are interviewing someone over the internet, ask if they can hear you scratch the top of the mic. If they can… GREAT! Now ask them to do the…

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10 Best Practices for Glitch-Free Podcast Recordings


Congratulations! You’ve booked a really important guest for your podcast. It’s important that you impress them and provide a great episode for your listeners. Don’t let simple tech problems get in your way. Best Practices for Recording Over the Internet 1. Perform a sound check Ask your future guest to do a quick test with…

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