Apple’s continued dominance in podcasting is our fault. Here are 3 ways to grow an Android audience.

The folks at libsyn shared their stats for February. You can listen to the breakdown (beginning at the 1hr, 5min mark), but here are my thoughts: Apple still rules the roost with almost 2/3 of all downloads (62.9%) going to their Podcasts App and iTunes. It’s rather incredible that people outside of the Applesphere don’t…

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Outsourcing the Pain of Podcasting

outsource the pain of podcasting

There are many ways to get help with your podcast: Hire a podcast editor Acquire the help of a virtual assistant Ask your listeners if anyone wants to help produce the show This was the main topic of my presentation at the Podfest Multimedia Expo in 2019. There are also many ways to make money…

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Sponsorships = partnerships. Otherwise you’re just wasting time and money

Podcast sponsorships must be more like partnerships. Otherwise, ads are simply wasting the listener’s time, the sponsors’ money, and can cost the podcaster too. This post may get me into a bunch of hot water, but the following has to be said: Sponsors who do not have direct ties with the podcast or host are…

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Top 10 Podcast Directories to Submit Your Podcast

How to get a podcast listed in iTunes and the top 10 directories like Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Spotify, Google and See More…

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A simple tip for introducing your guest the RIGHT way

So I’m asked to be a guest on [insert podcast here]. I’ve been given a list of questions he/she will ask. We connect via Skype or, we have a little pre-show chit chat, then they say, “Okay, I think we can get started”. How do you begin your podcast interviews? There are many ways…

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