iTunes Episode Number Hack

itunes episode number hack

Apple doesn’t want episode numbers in the title of the episode. Here’s an easy hack to remove the numbers from the title of your episode titles while still making it easy for listeners to find episodes by their number.

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Save TONS of time with TextExpander

I use it to quickly respond to commonly-asked questions that have the exact same answer, I use it to bring up Google spreadsheets where I track my progress with each client’s podcast, and I use it to enter the same text that is used every time I upload a client’s episode to libsyn.

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Skype Jitters? How to fix them QUICKLY

If you’ve ever recorded a Skype conversation then you’ve experienced Skype Jitters. A Skype Jitter is when the internet gets choppy and Skype hangs for a second – usually in the middle of a word. Watch *this video to see a quicker way to take care of the problem when editing:   *This video is…

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Create More Energy in your Podcast by Tightening and Overlapping the Conversation

Using some of the same skills we learned in my “Zencastr Drift” lesson, we can create more energy in a podcast by moving and overlapping small parts of the conversation. Download the same Audacity Project I used in the video:

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How to Customize Folder Icons on a Mac

This has nothing to do with podcast editing, but it does have everything to do with making your workstation a lot more fun. (Follow these instructions for Windows machines) How to change folder icons on a Mac: 1) Open the image you want to use and Command-C to copy Note: Do not click on the…

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