Stitcher Downloads now show up In libsyn stats

Prior to the changes made by Stitcher Radio in June 2013, Libsyn, Blubrry, and other pod-catchers would only show one download for Stitcher. It was because Stitcher Radio would download one copy of your MP3 and re-encode the recording to be streamed through their app. The number of people listening to your podcast would only…

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The Greatest Cost Of Podcasting

Are you prepared to spend a lot of time for a podcast?¬†Microphones are cheap, domains are only a couple bucks a year, and hosting services are relatively inexpensive. However, time is the greatest cost of podcasting. Time is the greatest cost of podcasting The real cost of a podcast is harder to measure: Time. This…

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Are you prepared to invest a little money to start a podcast?

Good news! The barrier of entry to starting a podcast is very low – there is no licensing, training, or initiation required. You can start without spending money The monetary cost is also extremely low. If you have a computer with internet connection then you already have everything necessary to get started. There are free…

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