Why you do NOT want to use your website’s Podcast RSS feed

The reason you don’t want to use your website’s RSS feed for a podcast is simple: If the site goes down – so does your RSS feed. No access to your website means no new episodes get released and eventually Apple Podcasts will remove you from iTunes due to abandonment

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Why a Podcast Editor can’t be your Content Editor

Your Podcast Editor could be your Content Editor, but they really shouldn’t. After all, that’s not why you hired them.
Here are 3 helpful ways to help your Podcast Editor improve your content for the benefit of your listener.

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What is a RSS feed (and where do I get one)?

Your podcast is like a magazine. You want to get it out to the different locations so consumers can get it every time you hit “Publish”. How do you set up agreements with all the different places where people might look for your show? Magazines are shipped to book stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, the dentist’s…

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Putting Episode Numbers in Podcast Titles

Episode titles are VERY important for getting people to click PLAY on your podcast.

Don’t clutter your episode title with non-essential information. Here are my suggestions for getting the most out of your podcast episode titles.

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Now There Are 5 Podcast Monetization Models

I just returned from my local Podcast MeetUp Group and we talked about various podcast monetization models. During the discussion, a new member pitched his idea for a new show and it brought a new form of monetization to light. Read on for more Here are the 5 Monetization Models for podcasts: 1. Ads /…

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