Top 10 Places to Submit Your New Podcast

how to submit my podcast to apple, spotify, google, amazon

Congratulations! You’ve decided to launch a podcast! Maybe you’ve recorded a trailer or your very first episode. Now you’re asking, “How do I get my podcast into Apple and Spotify?” You don’t upload your mp3s directly to iTunes or Spotify. For that you need a media host. I recommend Captivate (click here to use my…

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How to Submit Your Podcast to Google

list your podcast on Google Podcasts

Google has launched “Google Podcasts Manager”, which offers listener analytics and a process for submitting a show to the Google Podcasts directory. The analytics will be based on listener activity within the Google ecosystem (aka: Not Apple or Spotify, which have their own analytic portals). Here’s how to claim your podcast and ensure it is…

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Tips for Speaking at a Conference

tips for presenting at a conference

7 tips for speaking at a conference (and a list of things to avoid when doing a virtual presentation)

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Apple’s continued dominance in podcasting is our fault. Here are 3 ways to grow an Android audience.

The folks at libsyn shared their stats for February. You can listen to the breakdown (beginning at the 1hr, 5min mark), but here are my thoughts: Apple still rules the roost with almost 2/3 of all downloads (62.9%) going to their Podcasts App and iTunes. It’s rather incredible that people outside of the Applesphere don’t…

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