How to use libsyn Categories

how to use libsyn category player code

Use libsyn’s Category feature to create custom lists of your podcast on your website.

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How to submit a podcast to RadioPublic via libsyn

Podcasters who host with libsyn have an easy way to submit their show to RadioPublic’s directory. They also have an additional feature that spotlights their “Gateway” episodes or “Greatest Hits”. This video show what a podcast looks like on after submitting via libsyn.

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Save TONS of time typing with TextExpander

I use it to quickly respond to commonly-asked questions that have the exact same answer, I use it to bring up Google spreadsheets where I track my progress with each client’s podcast, and I use it to enter the same text that is used every time I upload a client’s episode to libsyn.

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Your Podcast Isn’t Showing Up in Spotify? Check these 4 things

Spotify began admitting more podcasts into their listings in late 2017. Media host worked it out so their customers could submit their podcasts directly to Spotify. All you need to do is create Spotify as a Destination. However, some shows are still not showing up – including MoneyPlan SOS. That’s extremely frustrating since I…

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How to Embed a libsyn Podcast Player in Your Website

Media host provider libsyn offers a number of podcast players you can quickly embed on almost any website. If you can embed a YouTube video on your website, then you can do this too. Steps to Embed a libsyn Podcast Player in Your Website   Step 1: Log into your account Step 2: Go to…

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