How to Change Your Keyboard Shortcuts in Audacity

Most programs allow you to use a single key or combo to execute specific commands. Think of all the programs where CTRL-C is “copy” and CMD-V is “paste”. Keyboard shortcuts like these can save you tons of time when editing audio as well. In this video, I show you how to customize keyboard shortcuts to…

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Skype Jitters? How to fix them QUICKLY

If you’ve ever recorded a Skype conversation then you’ve experienced Skype Jitters. A Skype Jitter is when the internet gets choppy and Skype hangs for a second – usually in the middle of a word. Watch *this video to see a quicker way to take care of the problem when editing:   *This video is…

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Create More Energy in your Podcast by Tightening and Overlapping the Conversation

Using some of the same skills we learned in my “Zencastr Drift” lesson, we can create more energy in a podcast by moving and overlapping small parts of the conversation. Download the same Audacity Project I used in the video:

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Audio out of sync? How to fix “Zencastr Drift”

“Help. My tracks are out of sync. How can I fix audio drift from my Zencastr recordings?” This video could help you save a recording by showing you how to fix the problem yourself in a matter of minutes.

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Free up lost space from Orphaned Files in Google Drive


Have you been running out of Google Drive space — even though you KNOW you haven’t used that much storage? That was the problem I experienced a year ago. I would Remove unwanted files to the Trash, clear out my Trash, and STILL my Google Drive said I was using waaaaaay more space than I…

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