5-minutes to a Great Virtual Meeting Experience

Are you working from home? Do you have to join web conferences? Follow these tips to have the best experience in your virtual meeting and to avoid being “that guy”. Live Streams and Webinars In these types of video sessions, you are an audience member. You are not presenting, although you may be in the…

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Skype vs Zoom.us for podcast recordings


Podcasters have been using Skype to record interviews over the internet for a decade. As with any VOIP service, it has its issues. In the past 1-2 years, Zoom.us became the darling of the industry. However, as with all VOIP services, it has it’s issues too. I love Zoom.us, but it is NOT for podcasting.…

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Want to start a podcast? Learn how to podcast by listening to these podcasts

I’ve found the following three podcasts are extremely helpful for newbie and wannabe podcasters: Podcasting for Coaches Britany Felix hosts this short show that walks any wannabe podcaster through the steps to launching a podcast. While she caters her message to coaches, the information she shares is easy to understand and simple enough for anyone…

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Long Live the Niche Podcaster!

Radio wouldn’t have us. Television won’t broadcast us. Most people will never know about us because we don’t have famous “connections” to promote us. None of that matters because of Podcasting… Technology has brought us into people’s cars, hands and homes. Podcasting allows anyone, anywhere to have a platform about anything. All you need is…

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What will your podcast look like in 5 years? An alternative look at download stats

I’m taking a break and checking my download stats. I know, this is dangerous territory for a Friday afternoon. I may never get back to work 🙂 Back in the day… When I started podcasting in 2010 there was no launch strategy. I thought N&N was reserved for paid ads and only the biggest stars.…

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