What is podcasting?

Do you know what a podcast is? This questions will not prevent you from creating or releasing a podcast – it is simply something you need to know and understand. A podcast can be subscribed to in an RSS feed (don’t worry about what RSS is right now). A podcast is an ongoing series of…

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Dustin Hartzler’s As Heard On WordPress plugin

WordPress Wizard, Dustin Hartzler, has released a WordPress plugin that will show off podcasts and other shows you have been a guest on. Download the free plugin at YourWebsiteEngineer.com/MyPlugins and check out Dustin on the Your Website Engineer Podcast. [pullquote]Share this #Wordpress #plugin by @DustinHartzler on Twitter[/pullquote]

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Podcasting: The New Media

Businesses, non-profits, and passionate hobbyists are always looking for ways to expand their audience. The first forms of marketing were word of mouth and street signs. Then came billboards, radio commercials, newspaper advertising and mailers. The age of the internet introduced an entirely new world of banner ads, email, and social media all vying for…

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