Podcasting: The New Media

Businesses, non-profits, and passionate hobbyists are always looking for ways to expand their audience. The first forms of marketing were word of mouth and street signs. Then came billboards, radio commercials, newspaper advertising and mailers. The age of the internet introduced an entirely new world of banner ads, email, and social media all vying for…

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So many podcasts, so little time

I love listening to podcasts. I’ve consumed so many shows over the past 5 years that the buttons on my iPod have been worn down to almost nothing. There are more than 30 financial and lifestyle shows that I listen to religiously. However, I am WAY behind and have at least 28 hours of various…

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Personal Finance Podcasts I listen to

Podcasts are internet radio shows that can offer a lot of helpful information for free. Although Apple made podcasts very easy to get by using iTunes, you don’t need an iPod to listen. In most cases you can use your computer to listen, any MP3 player to play, or even stream the shows on your…

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