iTunes Episode Number Hack

itunes episode number hack

Apple doesn’t want episode numbers in the title of the episode. Here’s an easy hack to remove the numbers from the title of your episode titles while still making it easy for listeners to find episodes by their number.

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How to submit a podcast to RadioPublic via libsyn

Podcasters who host with libsyn have an easy way to submit their show to RadioPublic’s directory. They also have an additional feature that spotlights their “Gateway” episodes or “Greatest Hits”. This video show what a podcast looks like on after submitting via libsyn.

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Skype vs Zoom for podcast recordings

I love, but not for podcasting. The audio is sub-par – and I have the data to prove it!

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Gaming Mouse for Podcast Editing

Ask any podcast editor how to increase your speed while editing and they will tell you “Get to know your keyboard shortcuts”. I’ve nearly mastered the shortcuts in Audacity, and have re-programmed a bunch of them to fit my needs. You see, it only makes sense to use keys located on the left side of…

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Sponsorships = partnerships. Otherwise you’re just wasting time and money

Podcast sponsorships must be more like partnerships. Otherwise, ads are simply wasting the listener’s time, the sponsors’ money, and can cost the podcaster too. This post may get me into a bunch of hot water, but the following has to be said: Sponsors who do not have direct ties with the podcast or host are…

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