The Free Apple Podcast Embed Player…is it worth it?

Apple podcast website player

This email just came in from a client: Is there any benefit to embed the Apple Podcast media player on my website vs Libsyn’s? NOTE: The Apple player is not displaying for mobile on this post. This may be an incompatibility with my website theme. What Apple’s player looks like: Here is the Libsyn Custom…

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10 Best Practices for Glitch-Free Podcast Recordings


Congratulations! You’ve booked a really important guest for your podcast. It’s important that you impress them and provide a great episode for your listeners. Don’t let simple tech problems get in your way. Best Practices for Recording Over the Internet 1. Perform a sound check Ask your future guest to do a quick test with…

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5 Biggest Mistakes New Podcasters Make

5 mistakes new podcasters make

We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s why I’m sharing the biggest mistakes I see people make when launching new shows. The good news is these issues are easy to fix — or avoid altogether. Knowing these are mistakes is more than half the problem. So here we go…. Mistake #1: Volume levels You…

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Top 10 Places to Submit Your New Podcast

how to submit my podcast to apple, spotify, google, amazon

Congratulations! You’ve decided to launch a podcast! Maybe you’ve recorded a trailer or your very first episode. Now you’re asking, “How do I get my podcast into Apple and Spotify?” You don’t upload your mp3s directly to iTunes or Spotify. For that you need a media host. I recommend Captivate (click here to use my…

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How to Submit Your Podcast to Google

list your podcast on Google Podcasts

Google has launched “Google Podcasts Manager”, which offers listener analytics and a process for submitting a show to the Google Podcasts directory. The analytics will be based on listener activity within the Google ecosystem (aka: Not Apple or Spotify, which have their own analytic portals). Here’s how to claim your podcast and ensure it is…

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