Speed Up Your Post-Production with These 10 Tips

Speed up podcast editing with these 10 tips

According to podcasters, the average 60-minute recording requires 4 hours of editing. …AND THAT’S JUST EDITING THE AUDIO! There is a LOT that goes into all the things podcasters need to do after the recording is over. Shave off between 10-25% of the time with these tools, efficiencies, and good ‘ol fashion helpful tips! The…

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Professional Podcast Editor’s Guide to Income Tax Returns

How to write off expenses for editing podcasts (sched c to 1 to 1040)

Are you frustrated with figuring out what you can write off? Legally? Yeah. Me too. I’ve compiled a helpful guide for those of us who sell services, not items, and just want to know where everything goes on a tax return. If you have someone else do your tax return, GREAT! This guide will still…

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How to Create and Use Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

How To Create Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

A demonstration for how to create Apple Keyboard Shortcuts for you most commonly used commands.

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The Cost of Editing a Podcast Yourself

the cost of editing a podcast by myself

Imagine you recorded 60 minutes of audio and have everything ready to put your show together. Assuming industry averages – and that you already have a computer – what are the costs of doing the post-production of your own podcast? Audacity: $0 Audacity is a multi-platform recording & editing program that has been around for…

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How to Record a Podcast Interview over the internet

how to record a podcast interview over the internet

Great sound can be captured over the internet. Everyone has heard of Zoom.us, but the audio quality is sub-par and not suitable for a podcast episode. In this video I share my Top 4 recommendations for recording podcast conversations over the internet. My Top 4 recommendations for recording audio for podcasts over the internet: 1.…

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