Are you podcasting ABOUT, BECAUSE or FOR?

There are plenty of podcasts launched “because” the host wants to talk “about” a particular topic.

However, it's the show that podcasts FOR the listener that will foster the deepest relationship – and will turn your audience into raving fans!



It might seem a little “woowoo“, and it probably is, but the way we think about our content delivery method (aka: podcast) comes through the microphone as clear as body language.

The words we use will expose the real reason WE are doing OUR podcast.

The thought of that simply frightens me.

Here's what I mean:


Let's pretend I want to start a podcast about my favorite movie: The Matrix.

I draft out a plan for the first 10 episodes and might reach out to some guests.

I start a Facebook group and search for other Matrix lovers.

I create Matrixy-looking artwork and come up with a cool title.

Then I launch my podcast and promote it to the world!

Who is benefiting the most from my podcast?

Granted, my audience benefits from my thoughts behind what red and blue pills really stand for.

But I'm the true beneficiary here.

“I have a podcast ABOUT the Matrix”.



One of my clients is very involved in her local politics, but she doesn't podcast about it.

But if she did, it's because she cares about her city, county and state's legal stance and tax policies.

Disclaimer: I don't listen to political podcasts – so my example is completely fabricated and probably completely off base from reality.

My client would podcast about local politics BECAUSE she feels the information can benefit listeners.

I like that, but you could also say she's podcasting BECAUSE she wants to talk about her own political views.

…which leads us to the next one:



We all want to think our podcasts are FOR our listeners – but are they really?

If we don't benefit from the hours of hard work it takes to create shows then we risk podfading and giving up.

We have to get something out of podcasting or it'll become a useless endeavor.

However, when I spoke to my listener as if they were sitting in the chair next to me – and knowing this was information he/she could benefit form – were the ones that generated the most comments, shares, and “fandom”.

And it wasn't about me at all.

You see this with other shows too.

Consider “Smart Passive Income” by Pat Flynn.

Pat has RAVING FANS – and not a selfish bone in his body.

Pat Flynn shares what is working for his business – and what isn't… and it's all done FOR the benefit of his readers, viewers, and listeners.


Do you podcast ABOUT, BECAUSE, or FOR?

Having a show ABOUT a topic isn't wrong. There are plenty of Matrix fans out there for me to find an audience.

Providing content BECAUSE you think it benefits others is noble. The information you provide is useful and helpful to the listener.

But it is hard to say you are podcasting FOR something and it not be a noble, selfish, or mission-led reason.



Listen to one of your recent releases.

  • What language is used in the show's intro?
  • Are you speaking to your audience or at them?
  • Can you substitute words and change the meaning of your message?

There is no right answer.

A show like Freakonomics is a show ABOUT behavioral economics – and that's fine.

There is nothing wrong with doing a show BECAUSE you love to podcast.

My hope is this post gave you the insight to look at your podcast objectively and determine if you are conveying the proper messaging to your audience. The words you use are powerful motivators. Make sure you have the right mindset to go along with it.

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