5-minutes to a Great Virtual Meeting Experience

Are you working from home?

Do you have to join web conferences?

Follow these tips to have the best experience in your virtual meeting and to avoid being “that guy”.

Live Streams and Webinars

In these types of video sessions, you are an audience member.

You are not presenting, although you may be in the “chat room” sending messages in a text box along with others.

Do this to make sure you have a great experience:

  • Reboot your computer in the morning
  • Download any apps or plugins at least 30 minutes before you start
  • Turn off unnecessary services like virus scan, DropBox syncing, and get the kids off NetFlix/YouTube

You want your computer to work well and internet bandwidth to remain steady and strong throughout the live stream.

Web Conferences and Podcast Interviews

In a web conference, you are an active participant.

In a podcast interview, you are a presenter – either as a host, co-host, or guest.

Follow the same recommendations for setting up for a live stream/webinar, but also:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Notify your family that you will be on an important call
  • Silence your phone and computer notifications


One of the main reasons audio sucks in webinars and podcast interviews is audio cancellation.

It's supposed to keep the sound from re-entering your mic and going back into the stream, but it doesn't always work.

Just. Wear. Freakin'. Earbuds.

Or headphones.


Test your microphone

Software updates and reboots may cause software options to reset.

ALWAYS check to make sure your mic has been selected and working.

Tap on the head of the mic to see if the virtual meetup software is using your mic – or ask others in the group if they hear your tapping.

If they can't hear it clearly, check your cables and the settings.


Light is not as important for video conferences, but it certainly helps others with their experience.

Having a window located behind you turns you into a silhouette. Try to position lighting features to either side of you or in front of you (behind your computer).

Working virtually

Following the tips above will help you get the most out of any webinar, live stream, or podcast interview.

If you get the chance to work from home during the COVID-19 situation, impress your boss by paying attention, getting lots of work done, and participating in the virtual meeting.

Do everything you can to avoid being the guy who distracts from the meetings with tech issues.

I've had the privilege to work from home for a few years – and it's the best. I can schedule virtual meetings and get stuff done without driving 30+ minutes each way to work and packing a lunch.

Get the most out of YOUR virtual meeting experience and advance your career by showing up early, being prepared, and getting work done!

BTW: Pants are NOT optional.

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