30 minute presentation: What Can A Podcast Do For Your Business

This was a presentation for small business owners in St. Louis. I was asked to speak about podcasting and what it does for my business.

Because I know so many people in this space I was able to speak about the various ways a podcast enhances your business, whether you are trying to sell products, services, or advertising.


What’s a podcast, you ask?

In the most simplest terms: A podcast is an on-demand internet radio. It’s your own show and listeners are people who are looking for your product or service.

Playing a podcast is like operating your DVR: You can play a podcast back whenever you want, skip forward, backward, or ignore it altogether.

Anyone can listen to a podcast while they are doing something else. Many people listen while driving, working out, or doing yard work. Wouldn’t you like to be the person your potential clients listen to?


What can a podcast do for business?


3 benefits of a podcast

  • A podcast, just like a focused blog, positions you to be the subject matter expert.
  • Listeners pre-qualify themselves as your clients
  • They learn to know, like, and trust you
  • There is less competition (there were 184 million blogs in 2008 and that number has grown to over 3 BILLION. Guess how many podcasts there are? Only 400,000).
  • Allows you to reach an entirely new set of people who don’t read blogs. They consume rich media instead of reading text

And there’s money to be made here!


Primary ways to make money with a podcast

  • Sell advertising on your show
  • Sell affiliate products
  • New clients for your product or service

show me the podcast money

In other words: Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money!!!


Podcast Misconceptions

  • That you need an iPod or iPhone to listen
  • That you need a mixer
  • That you need to know a bunch of code (I can set you up, the rest is your performance)
  • That you can just record and throw stuff up in your feed (make it good for your audience)
  • That it only takes an hour to record an hour show
  • Or that “If you build it, they will come” (Field of Dream)


What do you need to start a podcast

  • Computer
  • Website
  • Recording device or software (you can even use your iPhone)
  • (Recommended) Microphone (I use the ATR2100) http://SchoolOfPodcasting.com/2100
  • (Recommended) Media Hosting Use Promo code FinCon to get 1 month free


what's the cost of a podcast


Podcasting Best Practices:

  • Record in a quiet environment (soft walls)
  • Record a few episodes before launching
  • Utilize a media hosting service like libsyn or BluBrry (kind of like you use YouTube for videos)
  • Release the first few to your website before submitting your RSS feed (your radio station frequency) to iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, etc.
  • DON’T SELL TO YOUR AUDIENCE. Teach them, entertain them, lead them. They will come around

podcasting best practices opinion


So, What Can A Podcast Do For Your Business?

A podcast allows you to reach a whole new audience that want to consume rich media while driving, working out, or doing household chores.

It allows you to become THE subject matter expert in a saturated world of written blogs.

It allows your listeners to pre-qualify themselves as your future clients – they already know, like and trust you from your show!

And you can make money selling advertising, affiliate products, and/or your own products and services through your small business podcast.

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