2021 Reflections: How’d I do?

Reflecting on 2021

My 2021 was great, yet it wasn’t.

I set some fairly easy goals for myself, and failed to achieve the majority of them.

There are no excuse. Life happens, and we know life will happen. I mean, that's life, right?

In summary: I hit the content creation and promotional goals, but failed to reach the financial and organizational goals.

Read more about my goals & failures from the previous year, 2020: https://stevestewart.me/my-2020-accomplishments-in-review

Summary of my 2021 Goals and Accomplishments:

1: Create 52 more courses & resources for the Podcast Editor Academy

#WIN! There's a bunch of new stuff in the PEA for those who want to grow their own Podcast Editing business

2: Document processes and detailed steps for each of my clients’ shows

#fail. I started with a couple of the simpler shows, but never really got anywhere

3: Update my website (SteveStewart.me)

#fail. I did work with a Branding Specialist, but haven't yet added those assets and branding elements to my site

4: Promote “Find an Editor”

#WIN. A lot of energy and resources were put behind this effort. The results are mixed, but has solidified my position in the small little niche of my world

5: Grow new house savings by an additional $40k

#fail. This one hurts because our goal is to have a huge downpayment for our next home

6: Generate $10k gross income all 12 months, and profit $7k for at least 9 months

#SEMI-WIN. My business did generate an average of $10k per month, but expenses for conferences and contractors kept me from getting anywhere near the profit goal.

Most of my failures are due to the fact that I'm not motivated by money. God has provided for me and blessed our family for decades. He promises to provide if I continue to follow Him – so where is the incentive?

What I have been happy with is the amount of resources I've been able to put behind helping others on their journey. For example:

  • I pay my contractors a decent wage
  • A LOT of energy and time was put into creating more helpful content in the Podcast Editor Academy and building the community in the Podcast Editors Club Facebook/Meta group
  • I was able to sponsor conferences that I believe in at a time when they needed it most!
  • and I've helped Podcast Editors get paying gigs, find new clients, or start relationships that will pay off in the future

There is more to come in 2022. Bigger and better things (I can't wait to share them with you).

I'll share my 2022 Accomplishments (aka: Goals for next year) at a later date. Stay tuned!

My Journal 2021

Here is a list of all the milestones from my life in 2021:

January 2021

My Podcast Editors Club Facebook Group reached 6,400 members after only 4 years.

Oh, and I attempted to upgrade my 2012 iMac from Sierra to High Sierra. It didn't work, and spent a full day wiping out the drive and doing a recovery from TimeMachine. #ugh!

My daughter and I also spent “Birthday Weekend” at my best friend's house and were both interviewed for the documentary being filmed about his life.

February 2021

Began posting the “Podcast Editor Word of the Day”, which lasted 60 days total. #fun

This month I produced two milestone episodes for clients: The 300th episode of the Afford Anything podcast and the 1,000th for the Stacking Benjamins Show!

The Audacity Workshop training course was over 5 years old, so I shut it down. Good thing too, because October 2021 a new version of Audacity came out with some BIG feature enhancements. (Time to record a whole new course!)

My new “Rush Option” went into effect, essentially incentivizing my client to send in the majority of their recordings on time or send my wife flowers with an apology note (for making her husband work on the weekend). It worked 😀

Also during this month, I started leading another round of FPU for my church. #lovethatstuff

March 2021

Held the Podcast Editors Club Virtual 2021 “micro-con”, featuring sessions by Dallas Taylor of Twenty Thousand Hertz and Curtis Jackson, a legally blind audio editor. #WOW!

April 2021

Our family said goodbye to our 15-year old dog Cooper. He was a good boy.

I also presented “How to Outsource the Pain of Editing” as part of the Podfiesta Summit.

May 2021

Presented for two communities: Podcast Movement University and Indie Pod Con.

My wife and I took a trip to the small community in Colorado where we plan to move in the next few years. It snowed the first day and there were a dozen deer in the front yard of our AirBNB. #magical

June 2021

Hosted the “Week of Audio Engineering” live streams – 5 days with 5 different people, all with a deep-dive on EQ or Compression or LUFS, etc.

Was accepted to speak at #FinCon21 and gifted tickets to 3 of the members of my Podcast Editor Academy.

Oh, and I sold my 1998 Honda Civic and purchased a 2016 Kia Sportage with 26,000 miles on it. (I paid with cash, of course. No way I'm buying debt for a stupid vehicle).

July 2021

Spoke at the “How to Make REAL Money Podcasting” virtual summit for Radio Ink / Podcast Business Journal.

I also spent a few days with my best friend Timm. It was a fantastic visit, as always.

You'll understand why this is mentioned here later in the post.

August 2021

LOTS going on this month. My daughter entered her Junior year at college. She's ahead and might actually graduate a full semester early!

At Podcast Movement 2021 in Nashville, I sponsored a booth! Yes. Little ‘ol me!

The booth was available for any/all Podcast Editors to “Be the Expert” and provide helpful information to podcasters in attendance. The goal with #AskAnEditor booth is to help my community of Podcast Editors meet podcasters who may need their services.

I also helped co-ordinate the live podcast recordings for HubSpot by setting up the schedule and arranging two members of the Podcast Editor Academy to run the booths. (Great job Ed Sullivan and Bryan Entzminger!)

I should also mention I helped a Podcast Editor Academy member score a 4-figure virtual gig this month!

And if that wasn't enough, I connected Michael Jerry (another Podcast Editor Academy member) with the Nashville Podcasters group to be the featured speaker at their in-person event. Way to go Michael Jerry!

Finally, we had over 150 people attend the Show Notes Virtual Summit on August 28th, hosted by yours truly and my business partner Mark Deal. That was a BIG win! (You can get access to the replays and bonuses at http://ShowNotesSummit.com)

September 2021

This was a tough one. My best friend, who was battling his second cancer in 35 years, passed away Sept. 4th due to complications brought on by Covid-19.

You can read about him here.

I estimate about 400 people showed up to his memorial, and the funeral was STANDING ROOM ONLY! Well done, Timm. Well done.

A couple weeks later: #FinCon21 in Austin, TX. I attended, volunteered, moderated a panel, and sponsored the Podcast Track.

Oh! And my wife quit her job! (I'm so happy she did!)

October 2021

Sponsored She Podcasts Live in Scottsdale, AZ with another #AskAnEditor booth and hosted the Podcast Editors / Just Busters meetup for over a dozen attendees.

November 2021

Mark Deal and I revealed the results from our 2021 Podcast Editor Industry Survey. Rates are UP!

More content for members of the Show Notes Summit Community, this time with Laura Petersen from Copy That Pops.

December 2021

At the time of this writing, December 2021 hasn't happened. My wife and I will be celebrating 24 years since the day we met and 6 years since paying off our mortgage.

I'll also be co-facilitating the 25 Days of Christmas promotion for the Podcast Editing community. Mark Deal arranged more than $15,000 worth of prizes to be given away, which is AMAZING!

So as you can see, life isn't sitting still. I can't feel bad about failing at most of my 2021 goals.

…but I should try harder!

How about you? How was your 2021?

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