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I help podcasters free up their time from editing so they can focus on growing their business

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Edit Your Own?

"Editing Podcasts is so Time Consuming"

You started your podcast to share your message. However, you learned very quickly that editing takes time. A lot of time. You know sitting in front of your computer screen moving sound waves around in Audacity or Adobe Audition is not the best use of your time.

What you should be doing is promoting your show and interviewing more guests.

But with the pressure on to put out another show this week and Skype, well, it did to you again, you’ll need to spend even more time editing than you planned.

This is frustrating and it shouldn't be that way.


As a podcaster myself, I feel your pain. I know how frustrating it is to meet your production schedule when the audio is not quite right or worse you don’t have the time to edit your show.

After six years of producing my own shows, I realized that podcast production is “my thing”. I love the challenge of making bad Skype audio sound good. I enjoy bringing together a “double-ender” and making it sound like you and your guest are in the same room.

That’s why I believe that podcast editing is my job, not yours.

I've heard from podcasters that the time required to produce their show can be so time-consuming it almost caused them to delay the start of their podcast or worse not launch at all.

Devin and John from the Big Picture Retirement Show found themselves in this position.

“If we didn’t have someone like Steve on the team, we probably would have never launched. That would have been a massive mistake! We’ve been blown away by the response we’ve received from our listeners. If you’re thinking about launching a podcast, our advice would be to hire a great team! With Steve Stewart producing your show you can just hit record and walk away.”

So if you’re ready to spend your time promoting, interviewing and as Devin and John say, just hitting the record button and walking away, then click the button below and schedule a call with me today.

We’ll talk through your goals for the podcast, make sure we’re a good fit then I get to work producing your show.

Now you’re free to focus on growing your podcast audience.

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Grow Your Business NOT Your Editing Skills

Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do for your podcast was to show up, hit record then walk away?

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What Our Customers are Saying

"Thanks for producing our podcast and making it painless. If we didn’t have someone like you on the team, we probably would have never launched. That would have been a massive mistake! We’ve added enough new clients to make the podcast well worth our time for years into the future. With just one client I added >$20K in annual revenue!"

- Devin and John, Hosts of the Big Picture Retirement Show

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Steps to Reclaim Your Time

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"I Just Want to Record My Show"

Your show is not finished once you hit “Stop" on the recording. In fact, that’s the real work begins. You’ve still got to load it into your editing software, level the audio, cut out all of the umms, the ahhs, and so something about those annoying loud breathing noises between sentences.

But you're not done yet. You need to add the intro, the music, and the call-to-action.  Then comes the converting, tagging, and uploading it to your media host. This doesn’t include creating the blog post and scheduling it to release on your site.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just record your show and walk away? Confident that all the “stuff” required to get your show out will be handled by a valued team member? So that you can promote your podcast, interact with your audience, and start creating more content?

That’s the way podcasting should be.


Just because you know how to do all of the technical things required to produce a show, doesn’t mean you should be doing them. In fact, if you want your podcast to grow, you need to be focused on promotion and your next guest.

As a podcaster myself, I know how frustrating it is to put out a great show and only be able to spend a day promoting it before you’re on to the scheduling the next interview and making the next recording.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend your time promoting, interviewing and growing your audience, instead of editing your guest’s “um-er-uhhh”s in Audacity?

This is why I believe podcast editing is my job, not yours.

After 7 years of producing my own shows, I came to realize that podcast production is really something I enjoy. Now as a valued team member for the Stacking Benjamins Show and Paula Pants podcast, Afford Anything, I know how important it is to play to your strengths.

My strength is in producing podcasts. Yours is as a trusted host.

If you’re ready to play to your strengths and just record your show, click the button below, schedule a call and let's talk.

During our discussion, we’ll walk through the goals for the podcast and make sure we’ll make a good team. If we’re a fit, then I’ll take over the production of your show...

...which means you’re now free to focus on promoting and growing your podcast.

Want to just record and walk away? Get the best sound quality from your next podcast recording by watching this FREE video series on how use Audacity from start to finish.