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Steve Stewart edits the Afford Anything Podcast by Paula Pant
Steve Stewart edits the The Stacking Benjamins Show
Steve Stewart edits the Military Money Show by Lacey Langford
Popcorn Finance by Chris Browning
Steve Stewart edits the Student Loan Planner podcast by Travis Hornsby
Steve Stewart edits the Retirement Starts Today Radio show by Benjamin Brandt
Steve Stewart edits the Retired-ish podcast by Cameron Valadez
Steve Stewart edits the FinCon Money and Media podcast


You started a podcast to share your message, impact the lives of your listeners, and grow your brand.

However, you learned very quickly that podcasting takes time. A lot of time!

A 60 minute podcast episode doesn't just take an hour…

Average time it takes to create one podcast episode

As a podcast host, your strength is in creating the content.

Are you also good at editing?

Probably not.

That’s why I believe that PODCAST EDITING IS MY JOB, NOT YOURS!!!

Joe knows how to edit audio, but his time is better spent connecting with guests, recording with OG, and marketing his show. It's one of the reasons The Stacking Benjamins Show gets listed by Forbes and named Best Personal Finance podcast by Bankrate.com.

I've heard from podcasters that almost quit because the time required to produce their show can be too time-consuming – or worse…the choose not launch at all!

The power of podcasting is the intimate nature of the medium. You are literally in the ears of your audience. The trust that is built over time grows into more than just downloads. It's much more!

Paula has been releasing episodes steadily since 2016. The Afford Anything Podcast has won numerous awards and has been asked to speak at Google and be featured on Netflix!

Ready to spend your time focused on scheduling, recording, connecting with your audience and get 47.5% of your life back?

Come work with an experience expert who will take care of the rest!

Let's talk about your podcasting goals and make sure I'm the right fit!

“Editing a podcast is TIME CONSUMING!”

Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do for your podcast was to show up, hit record, and walk away?


Spend your time growing your audience instead of editing podcasts


We sweeten the sound and remove sounds that drive people crazy!


You're not just getting an editor, your gaining a team member

What my Clients are saying

Steps to Reclaim Your Time


Schedule a call to talk about your goals and get to know me


I edit and put together your show based on your specifications and needs


Spend your time growing your audience and your business!

“I Just Want to Record My Show”

Your show is not finished once you hit “Stop” on the recording.

In fact, that’s the real work begins.

You’ve still got to load it into your editing software, level the audio, and cut out the CRAPP (crutches, repeats, accidents, and pregnant….pauses).

But you're not done yet. You need to add the intro, the music, and the call-to-action. Then comes the converting, tagging, and uploading it to the media host. This doesn’t include creating the blog post and social media or email blasts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just record your show and walk away? Confident that all the “stuff” required to get your show out will be handled by a valued team member? So that you can promote your podcast, interact with your audience, and start creating more content?

That’s the way podcasting should be.

Just because you know how to do all of the technical things required to produce a show, doesn’t mean you should be doing them. In fact, if you want your podcast to grow, you need to be focused on creating more content and connecting with your listeners.

your podcast – only better

After 6 years of producing my own shows, I came to realize that podcast production is something I enjoy – more than I realized! Now, as a valued team member for more than 20 podcasts in the personal finance genre, I know how important it is for us all to play to our strengths.

My strength is in producing podcasts. Yours is as a trusted host.

If you’re ready to play to your strengths, click the button below. Schedule a call and let's talk.

During our discussion, we’ll walk through the goals for the podcast and make sure we make a good team. Then I take over the production of your show…

…which means you’re now free to focus on promoting and growing your podcast.

About Me

Steve Stewart, professional Podcast Editor since 2016
Steve Stewart
I've been editing podcasts for 20+ shows since 2016 after running my own show for six years.

You can call on me to edit your audio or video, support and answer questions, conduct a technical audit, or discuss monetization options through the various dynamic insertion solutions available today.